Steps to coins conversion seriously sick - again!


I’ve had spells where my daily 30k+ steps has only converted to 13 or 14 coins, but thought things had improved as it’s been a while since this happened.

But it’s bad again this week :frowning:

Almost every step logged by Sweatcoin is outdoors (I work outside, and walk/run my commute as well) as I don’t walk around the office or my home with it.

Monday - steps : 31,233, coins : 16.00
Tuesday - steps : 29,053, coins : 11.21
Wednesday - steps : 30,356, coins : 9.41
Thursday (today) - steps : 30,421, coins : 9.55

I’m on an Android phone (Moto E5 Play) running Android 8.1.0 and Sweatcoin version 17.3

My phone actually tells me there’s a Sweatcoins update available, so I’m about to apply that. But (in all honesty) I’m not expecting to see a huge improvement tomorrow.

I have previously checked all the settings that we get told to check when people report these problems, and mine are all set at they should be.


What version of SC are you running. I had the latest version 17.3 i think. This version wss not converting my steps to the appropriate coin conversion so i reverted back to version 16.1. This did the trick , worth a try.


I was on 17.3
Now on 18.2 - and it’s not done any better today

Absolutely no idea how to revert back on a mobile phone

Conversion rate's gone Cuckoo again! And I'm giving up on the Boost feature

I shall find the link and send over.


Goto and search for the version you want to download and install. You may get a security warning . I ignored this message and the app installed find. I was on v17.1 and reinstalled 16.1 and hey this works fine for me. Good luck


Do I need to uninstall the version I have on my phone first? I’ve found an downloaded the older version, buy my phone just says ‘install failed’ when I try to put it on :frowning:


Yes would be a good idea to uninstall first.


Did y’all saw the big update of Sweatcoin? Maybe you should try that first!


Mine updated last Thursday - but no changes I can see.

The only big update I’ve seen any hype for has been for iPhone. I’m on Android.


This is exactly happening with me too. Started beginning of November. I just updated SW. We will see if this helps. I’m also android


I got my phone back to version 16.1 of Sweatcoins last night.

Now to see if things improve. 27k steps yesterday gave me about 10 coins, and if that continues I shall be dropping a level rather than spending time watching for the new one being released !!


I’m with you on this problem,
I’m on Android 9
Moto G6 Plus.
SC Version 18.2.


So I went back to version 6.1 on Tuesday evening.
Yesterday I got 19 coins for my 29k steps - better than I was getting recently on versions 17 and 18, but still not great given almost all my steps are outdoors.

Today my other step tracker recorded over 30k steps. Sweatcoin recorded 30 :open_mouth: I realised about two-thirds of the way into my work day that it wasn’t running, but when I kicked it in it said 15 steps - so it must have crashed just after I got up. The app was still showing as an active session when I got home, but wasn’t showing as one using my battery :thinking: There is something seriously weird going on, and I’m now wondering (given the post above from mini76) whether it’s tied to Motorola phones?