Suggest for Sweatcoins! - 1750 total prize!


Hey Sweatcoiners! :swc:
The forum recently hit over 1,000 members! That’s amazing :happyswc:
So to celebrate, we’re giving away 1000 Sweatcoins (plus a little bit more!) - all you have to do is suggest a feature for sweatcoin!
Simply comment your ideas below, and we’ll choose the best 3 and reward you sweatcoins!
It’s only fitting that first place gets 1000 Sweatcoins as we hit 1000 members!
Second place will get 500 Sweatcoins and Third place will get 250 Sweatcoins!

Who knows - maybe you’ll even see your idea in the app :wink:
This competition will finish on the 25th of October - giving you a week to brainstorm :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Good luck!

Due to so many amazing ideas, we decided to keep this running just a little longer - we’re sending all your ideas to our product team as we speak, and winners will be in by Friday!


In-app badges for daily, weekly, monthly, and overall challenges would be an excellent addition to the motivational aspect of the app. Kind of like the stepper badges online. I’m undecided on whether it would be better for only you to see the badges and completed challenges or if it would be better for them to be public though. Thoughts on that anyone?


Earning Sweatcoins Daily Battle. It doesn’t have to be called a battle, but it sounds more exciting.
It would be a 1 vs 1 between a Sweatcoin user of your choice in your follower/following list, or you can let Sweatcoin app choose a random Sweatcoin user from your follower/following list.
The Swc user that starts the requests the 1 vs 1 battle gets to choose whether to compete for 5 Swc, 10 Swc, 15 Swc, or 20 Swc, excludes troublemaker.
The other Swc user can choose to accept or deny within 5 mins of the request. If one Swc user chooses to forfeit, then the battle is just canceled and no Sweatcoins is lost. The winner of the daily 1 vs 1 battle gets another 5, 10, 15, or 20 Swc from Swc and counts as earned Sweatcoins. The loser just doesn’t earn the prize and loses no Sweatcoins they earned from walking during the battle. If neither participant gets to the 5, 10, 15, 20 Swc, then both participants get nothing from the 1 v 1, but still get the Swcs they earned from walking, of course. No consolation prizes since this is just a competition for the main prize. :smile:
For the amount of time to finish the battle, maybe the one whose time zone gets to midnight faster gets priority since it resets at midnight if Swc chooses the time. Or the participants of the 1 vs 1 get to choose how much time they get to complete the battle before clicking accept.


First, i would like to suggest 2 simple things, not too many bells and whistles:

  • Be able to swipe through the 5 tabs that can be seen at the bottom of the screen.
  • The leaderboard with my friends steps is always behind. Make it update better/faster.

And second, a more advanced thing: challenges.
I am not sure what kind of challenges that could be because the only thing you can do here is walking :sweat_smile: With of course, Sweatcoins as reward! But maybe something like walk x amount of steps for x Sweatcoins or spend x Sweatcoins on Crowdfunding or Marketplace. Something like that. Or maybe walk x amount of steps for x consecutive days.

I am only the 4th person to comment, so I’m excited to see the other suggestions :slight_smile:


I would like to have a goal/challenge feature so it is like walk 2 Kilometres or like max out your current membership simple prizes with small payout. Just like what Justin said. I would also like to see a arcade feature so you pay like 2 sweatcoins to enter and say you lose either you lose all the amount you paid or you get half it back and if you win you get double it. Not like gambling just like flappy bird but the bird is the sweatcoin logo something like that. The final thing I want is a global leaderboard for different rankings. For Example Total Steps, Total Sweatcoins, Most Sweatcoins Earned this money, most Sweatcoins put into crowdfunding.


Yes, minigames where you have to spend Sweatcoins to enter and reach a certain score to get them back with something on top!

But I now realize that then the purpose of this app is partially gone, walking.


Yeah I guess but they can make a cool down or they can make it like walk 1000 steps to unlock a mini game after you win/lose it you have to walk another 1000 to retry it


My first idea for a new sweatcoin feature is…

***clans for competition ***

So what is a clan? A clan is a group of people together.

Why clans would be great for sweatcoin? Ability for users to connect directly on the app and work together for rewards and personal progress

My idea for the clan feature is…

To create a clan it will cost a small fee of around 100-200 sweatcoin, the clan will have a maximum of 50 members and there will be exclusive clan features for members who are in clans.

Why a create clan fee? This is to help prevent thousands of users to create and delete clans constantly and to give something back to to the sweatcoin team.

So what will clans do and what are it’s features ?

Well when a user creates a clan he/she will have the ability to create a name and add a personalised colour and little description once the clan has been created the user will have the ability to invite another user via links or searching usernames.

Users in a clan must walk and keep walking to climb the ladder of a sweatcoin leaderboard which will show the top 50 clans around the globe and the leaderboard will reset monthly and only verified sweatcoin steps will count and add to the clans total steps.

There will be other clan features such as…

A badge/ribbon reward system when a user steps 1 million verified steps in that clan he will earn and exclusive ribbon/badge that that user can add to his profile page on the sweatcoin app the ribbon will show the date received and will be either bronze, silver, gold or even glow and be animated.

1 million verified steps for bronze, 5 million for silver, 10 million for gold and 20 million for glowing animated ribbon.

thank you for reading my idea :smiley:


My second idea of a feature for sweatcoin is.

A new sweatcoin store.

Recently users have cried out for some sweatcoin merchandise such as hats, mugs, shirts, phone cases.

So on the marketplace along with your general rewards you can purchase there will be a new tab next to it or even on the same page of the sweatcoin store. And users will have the ability to purchase sweatcoin merchandise with the sweatcoins the user has


We should be able to earn coins for holding streaks of reaching a certain amount of steps for a number of days in a row.
Or have a total weekly goal of steps and if we reach it we get the coins.


I also had already mentioned in the past about badges for accomplishing certain tasks.


World teams leaderboard

The teams steps are added up in total and the top certain amount of teams with the most steps get a jackpot of sweat coins divided amongst each other in order of their ranks.


Similar to what others have said, a certain type of challenge to keep people engaged but isn’t required or too demanding. I like the passive nature of Sweatcoin.

  1. Weekly/Monthly/(Daily?) Challenges:
    You have a goal to reach for that week or month. E.g. earning X amount of Sweatcoins in X amount of time, or before X o’clock. Can either be free or a SC paid feature. Ability to choose a day to start the challenge or having a week/month for you to complete it at any time (you’re given the task and start it with a button like Start Challenge); not that you are stuck at work when the challenge occurs. Daily might also work, depending on the incentives and the challenges required; if it’s too much it might turn people off, or potentially incentivise them to do more (feedback obviously required).
    Could also be incorporated with the new feature (forgotten the name) where you need to travel to 3 new spots or visit X spot.

  2. Alternatively, on-off Challenges.These exist from the start and you can earn them at any point, and maybe get a badge/star/something showing that you’ve completed them. For people who may not be able to walk 20,000 steps every day but having a one-off challenge would be doable. Can be easy to earn with small rewards or harder with generous rewards.

Other thoughts kind of just mashed up together:

I’d also be very interested in having Sweatcoin connect to Apple Watch, FitBit, Xiaomi, etc. I do maybe twice as many steps as is counted by SC but they’re indoor. I feel like having double verification from another app may be a way to get those to count. Walking is very good but walking a lot in one stretch and getting up and doing stuff throughout the day are different. A way to get people moving, even if it’s not outside, would be better for the ultimate goal of the app (health) so people aren’t staring at screens all day. If it’s lashing rain outside or freezing cold I’m unlikely to do anything, but if it’s getting up and walking 5 minutes just around my house, I think people would be more inclinded to do it. Having a cap on it so people can’t abuse it and do actually have to go outside would also make it fairer.


How about if you manage to earn the maxium sweatcoins a day for the level you are on for a set number of days lets say 7 days then you earn a bonus of the daily limit you are on. So say you are on top level 20 sweatcoins a day and you get that for 7 days in a row then you get a 20 sweatcoin bonus.


Firefighters would like this on the field or in patience. Attach app to hand held transmitter and reciever. Or any feedback communications microphone walkie talkies included would be helpful. But for forestry and wildlife they would need a portable service that fireman dont always have at camp. For now waiting till Trouble machaser makerok.


What about a map with local offers? A novel idea since mine disappeared over a month ago and I have had no response to my questions asking why I no longer have it yet other people still do.
I have yet to see a single offer worth spending points on and I finally hear of one that appeared on a friend’s map that I have no way of seeing or taking advantage of.

Oh and second suggestion. Make inprovements on the crappy conversion rates, another never ending issue.


bonus coins for people who made it into the top 5/10 % in that week! weekly motivation. Could be rolling basis so slight increase if you are consistent maybe?
anyway the main idea is to actually reward people for being in the top 20 or 10 or 5 %.


Well here’s my suggestion: Treasure Hunt. Something like Pokémon GO and other similar games. I think that combining this with Sweatcoin would be great. I mean, what can better than treasure hunt that really pays AND makes you fitter?!


Wow! Some amazing suggestions so far! Keep them coming - the whole team is checking it out :wink:


I think having a graph displaying your sweatcoins that you have earned or possibly all your steps. Maybe both would be nice. This could be over a week, or month or maybe a year? Having an option to display the date range would be okay. I treat the sweatcoin as I do golf. Just competing with myself and not so much with other people.