Suggest for Sweatcoins! - 1750 total prize!


Public for sure because competition inspires us to work harder. Lol


A store dedicated to Sweatcoin swag sounds good. Maybe even a customize your shirt or hoodie with your referral link. :smile:


I suggest that there is an increase in the daily count step. Also introduce dark mode as it helps to save battery life and give more rewards like 100% discount on headphones or accessories etc


Integrate missions and challenges for daily, weekly and maybe monthly usage. The challenges could be ‘walk 10 km today’ or something similar, and the missions could be ‘walk to this destination’.
And as a side note, implementing experience points and levels could make them more interesting. You gain a certain amount of exp for a mission and level up after a while, then you get a bonus of some sorts.

Just some ideas :slight_smile:


You know how they say that what makes mobile games so addictive is being able to LEVEL UP.

We can level up by completing some small tasks like “invite two friends” “claim three bonuses in a row” “convert a total of 50k steps” and things like that. At first these tasks are super easy and we get like 1 coin for reaching lvl 1, 2 coins for reaching lvl two and so on. As they get more difficult, the rewards get better.

I suggest some of the rewards are boosts. For example “double today’s steps” “add 1k steps to my total daily steps for three days” etc, that we can activate whenever we want or that are activated as soon as you level up.

Definitely one’s level should be shown under/on their avatar or username… for BRAGGING RIGHTS ^•^

PS. As many people have suggested badges would be cool. Alas you can make a small competition for us to design badges like we designed emojis.


Would it be possible to link the app to Strava or other fitness app. Since this is about getting people moving, especially outside, some things, such as a sporting cycle trip, don’t get registered by the app.

However, I personally log all these things with my Wahoo TickrX and upload it to Strava, with GPS tracks and all.

I think it should be relatively easy to extract data from that.


A global and local leaderboard. Local as in country.
Sweatcoin rewards monthly, for example- First gets 4000, second gets 3000, third gets 2000, 4-20 gets 1000, 21-100 gets 500, and so on.
Would motivate people from countries without many Sweatcoiners to download the app and get on the leaderboard, and encourage people in countries with many Sweatcoiners to beat their peers!


Assuming the biggest driver for people to give up their data and wear down their batteries (and thus their long-term ability to enjoy their devices) is Sweatcoins, and given how there currently is no cash out option for most people, we need prizes that work for them. As it is the main incentive is the dim hope of Sweatcoin becoming a cryptocurrency, that and it pays people to advertise it with the influencer model. So if you want a feature for the average person, low-cost prizes such as gift cards for coffee shops (Starbucks was the most common digital payment method in the USA until recently for a reason, caffeine is a habit hard to break) and/or branded swag.

But since the direction (see payments only for those using the influencer market) then you aren’t looking to improve the value of the app to users, instead you want a feature that will help influencers to sell it. Well, Strava uses their database to help those looking for someone to pair with to exercise to do so. I think a better approach would be to take data from popular walking, hiking, and running areas and allow people to do ghosts. For those trying to get in more steps, compare their overall steps against a week, so that you could always push to get a perfect week and thus improve over the one you were competing against. Further, by creating these tracks to could push people into areas to walk that are popular.

  1. Currently i find it very tough to find active members to add as friends. Added lots of breakers but mostly active for a few weeks or months and become inactive completely. Can I suggest having an active member listing of those who are active and do not mind having like minded friend to motivate each other as friends ?

  2. Whenever I hit 20 SWC, it prompt me to upgrade to ‘‘trouble maker’’. Please remove this option till the day it is really available. I find extremely irritating when ask to upgrade when there is no option to upgrade at all

  3. Remove the crowdfunding to charity option at the top of the offer screen. I do not intend to crowdfund those charity and I am very worried that one day I might accidentally donate all my hard earn SWC into it. If I want to donate, I will wait for my marathon reward of 1k prize money and go donate as a real person to a charity of my liking.

  4. Have a counter that count the max consecutive day a member have achieve at their respective SWC status (eg longest streak of 99 consecutive day at 20 SWC for a breaker). This will surely motivate individual to push longer and harder at each status.

  5. Have a top 3 listing of max consecutive days at the max for each status. A badge can be given to each member who stay in the top 10 listing for at least a week. This listing can be further increase when more members join SWC


Maybe implement a “bonus” scheme that rewards people that use the app the most on a weekly basis. Maybe have different levels of bonuses as a target to aim for. The more steps you achieve, the higher the bonus!

Another idea is to have a ‘scratchcard’ that you unlock after a certain amount of steps has been achieved. Behind the scratch card would reveal what amount of coins you have won!


Thank you everyone for the amazing ideas!
We’re thinking it over through the weekend - we’ll announce the winners on Monday :smiley:
Due to so many amazing ideas, we decided to keep this running just a little longer - we’re sending all your ideas to our product team as we speak, and winners will be in by Friday the 1st!


I have this idea since a while… I love the fact that Sweatcoin is based on a community… I thought about the idea of doing some community challenge : exemple : the community has to do steps this week, a big price at the end if the goal is reached.

It will allow Sweatcoin to be even more community centered and people will maybe be less self-centered :blush:


Will my idea be taken ? I answered 30 min after this post :cry:


You dhoukd have a chat feature anx also do like a challenge feature where people in your group id around you can compete to sedcwho can get tge mist steps in a hakf jiur if hiuf. Stuff like that znd tgs winner should get tripple the steps. Or maybe wherd yoh can beg youf steps or an amount if your steps against another challenger…


I think you should have a menu option to link up with others and walk together say at localized public places/parks, etc. Maybe make group challenges or contests over a course of a few days or weeks. We all know that working out and fitness activities are less boring and more energetic with others and that making goals and winning challenges keep us motivated to keep pushing! ( I certainly back to my post to say I’m brand new and I didn’t read anything except the contest and o look back and see that I am in a fitness group of like-minded people… FINALLY!!


The only thing I have against this thing is what if it takes you to someone’s backyard but you are in front of the house and it says move closer you can’t since that’s going into the guys house


That’s why these guys have programmers who know how to place treasures only on public streets (based on Google maps for instance). The same problem could be faced with the new feature “Monopoly”, but I think they have already dealt with it using a similar approach.


So… instill a gambling feature? No gracias :disappointed: The first idea is mighty fine, though.


For everyone wondering, @Ashton has edited his post saying they will announce the winners on Friday the 1st.


Thanks for mentioning/ bedankt voor de tip @justinzwijns :ok_hand:t2:

Maybe i still have some chance now with my ideas haha. So here they are again from my other post:

I think it would be really cool and motivating if the app would have a leveling system with XP. With after each amount of levels a new status like ‘Beginner’, ‘Amateur’, ‘Advanced’, ‘Pro’ or ‘Expert’. Based on how many coins you’ve created, total steps you’ve taken or how high your average is per day (or all together). Depending on how good your status is, you get more and better benefits. Here are some ideas:
• Opportunities to earn double the amount of coins or XP on holidays like Christmas for example.
• Better offers and more discount than others.
• Small gifts once in a while (like an extra daily gift).
• An interest rate on your balance every year with a percentage that can grow
• More data of your activity, like charts, diagrams and leaderboards.
• Unlockable challenges for extra Sweatcoins or XP with for every achievement a badge/trophy.
• A new layout of the app with every new status.

I know it’s a little much of course, but it are just some fun random ideas for in the future maybe. I think it makes Sweatcoin interesting for people who not liked it or just don’t not know it. And even more fun fore people who already have it. People like things more when there’s competitiveness, it drives them.