Suggest for Sweatcoins! - 1750 total prize!


Very good ideas! Care for a bit of constructive criticism?

A nice idea, but I think the holidays should be spent with your family, and I don’t know many families who make time for walking during holidays. Instead, maybe we can have months or certain times of the year where you can earn more, not holidays exclusively.

I don’t know about this one… people get motivated to get out and walk when they see good offers, right? But then again, it might motivate people to get out and walk to earn those better offers.

Seems like we have a tax of sorts on our SWC already, so I don’t think interest would be beneficial with the monthly fees in place.

My idea exactly! Though, to expand on it a bit, maybe we can add leaderboards to charities? People can see who the best Good Samaritans are.

Badges! An interesting concept… like, maybe you can get some sort of decoration for your profile, like some sort of frame, and a section in your profile showing off all your different badges, or all the properties you “own?” Would definitely spruce profiles up a bit.

Nice… like, every time you upgrade, the color scheme gets more intense… I like it!

There are tons of good ideas on this topic, would love to see some of them come to fruition.


Thanks for the feedback!

I agree! But it was just an example of course. It doesn’t have to be a special weekend necessarily.

Well, that’s the point right? To motivate people to walk more, isn’t it?

Noo haha, i mean an interest rate for you! Like on your bank account every year. Say like 1% or so. When you have 5.000 SWC you get 50 SWC extra at the end of the year.

Haha, that’s a good one! People will maybe donate even more to become first. You’ll never know!

I totally agree with this, sounds great! I saw a lot of people with the idea of badges/achievements. So i think they have no choice than to put that option in the app haha.


No worries :wink: Nice post


How about theme pictures to use in the algorithm screen? Instead of the computerized wavy map thing something like choosing a fiend of flowers, mountains, a street in Paris, a Forest trail is Scotland. Holiday themed ones like a haunted forest for Halloween, a walk around the North Pole or a tour around a town from 1800’s looking Christmas Carol type town. Any hologram type image would be awesome. I like to look at the algorithm screen when I’m walking and it would make it more interesting and be a great motivator to get out and walk and view your progress.


Or even the top 99.9 %. Hahababa


For some reason I’ve not had one of these Playslip emails since April 22nd 2018, back then I was in the top 10% apparently.


I thought i had the same problem, until i checked my other mailboxes. Maybe you should do too.
it’s possible you receive them in your spam or social mail. I’ve linked them to my primair mail now. Last week i didn’t moved very much because of studying and yet i was ranked top 30%. So i think you’re still in the top 10%, don’t worry.:joy:


Lol I’ve already done the Spam hunt and searched the string throughout my computer systems. To be honest, I’m not actually bothered about it. It is just interesting to see that people are getting them and intrigues me as to why I don’t anymore. It doesn’t really hold any importance to me :rofl:


I have my suggestion now. I really like the idea of having bonus coins that one can qualify for. I do not like the idea of it being limited to the top 1% of the top 10% I believe that promotes elitism and cliquish news and competitiveness with just a few of your members. I believe that could be offputting to the to those who don’t walk quite as much as some more fierce walkers. But I also think I should leave me a qualifier but I don’t think the qualifier should be the top 10%. maybe just a certain amount of steps or Something that is not alienate 90% of the app users. Maybe certain achievements can award you tickets in those tickets can be turned in for a drawing and certain prices can be awarded per drawing


I’ll take my 1750 sc now please


The winner for the contest will be announced today.


I’ve one last idea that came up in my head today. For most people, money is the most important motive to use it. Sweatcoin is not ready to fulfill that wish for everybody (for now), except for the $1000 dollar marathon offer. For some people that takes just too much time and effort.

So my idea is: Sweatcoin Save. A saving account, something like Skrill, but with an automatic deposit from your bank account to that saving account. At the end of each day, Sweatcoin Save makes an automatic deposit from your bank account, equal to the amount of SWC you made that day. So every SWC you earn, you’re saving extra in money.
Most people just earn a few SWC each day so most people won’t even notice the difference. But still you’re saving a bit of extra money, just with your steps!
Of course you can decide if you want this option or not and you can always withdrawal the money back to your normal bank account if you want to. Maybe this option makes it possible to buy that new car you wanted, or just some new running shoes.
Of course this is in fact your own money you’re saving, but it’s a fun option I think. And in the end you’re saving some extra money as well!


Some very good suggestions well done sweatcoiners :smiley:


Hi everyone!
So, here at sweatcoin we were amazed by the amount of ideas you guys had - and how detailed they were!
We had a little vote of our own, and here’s our list of winners :smiley:
In First place, winning 1000 Sweatcoins! we have @Munzer with the Treasure Hunt idea.
We all loved the challenge aspect and the way it turns it into a fun minigame :swc:
In Second place, winning 500 Sweatcoins! we have @JordanVA with the In-app Badges idea.
At sweatcoin we believe that badges would be a great way to boost a “competition vibe” in the app and get people to really push those few extra steps to win against their friends :smile:
In Third place, winning 250 Sweatcoins! we have @BATMAN321 with the Sweatcoin Merch idea.
We think that sweatcoin merch would be a great way to give users a way to show their support and totally brag against their friends. Maybe we’ll have it soon :wink:

Thank you to everyone who contributed and sent in your amazing ideas! It was extremely difficult to choose winners - we may have to run another one sometime :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Can all of the winners please DM me your sweatcoin usernames - i’ll get your sweatcoins sent asap!


Congratulations to the winners some very great ideas. Well done everyone else for taking part too there was lots of amazing ideas thrown around here well done all :smiley:


Thank you so much :star_struck::happyswc: And Congratulations to @JordanVA and @BATMAN321 too :clap:t2: I see why it was such a hard decision picking up the winners. There have been really great ideas that reflect their owners’ creativity :smiley::clap:t2:


Congratulations @BATMAN321 @JordanVA and @Munzer :smiley::smile: Some nice features are going to be add because of you guys!


Congratulations @Munzer @JordanVA and @BATMAN321!


Yes yes congratulations to all.


Congrats to the lucky winners. There have been some great suggestions all round here and it’s nice to see some global thinking… showing consideration for users of all ‘walks’ of life and exercise levels (sorry, really bad pun in there) :sunglasses::+1:t4: