Suggest for Sweatcoins! - 1750 total prize!


Congrats everybody! Lots of awesome suggestions :grin:


I still think maybe fixes all the issues you have is a better idea. Rather than pointless promos a proper functioning app would please everyone.


I need this, i don’t know why but i need this


I’m thinking calories burned counter and precise time per kilometers.


It would be awesome if the sweatcoin forum were easier to access, like through the app. It would make communication so much easier


I didn’t receive my 1750 sweatcoins yet


I think a tracker for how many miles/kilometers you have walked per and month and per week and you average


Hey I don’t know if this has been mentioned but maybe make a cash out option for $500 at 10000 sweatcoins


I was thinking maybe for the bucket list to add and IPhone 11 Pro instead of just the iPhone 11


One thing is that you should add clubs/groups

*So you can help one another and push one another to run more

  • You can compete against other club members

  • Other clubs could also compete against other clubs


This forum is great, but I think it would be nice to have chat set up within the app. Two things one place. I have a Fitbit, and their app is setup that way. It’s just a lot easier.


Throw in extra ways to earn coins. Maybe mini contests for coins. Theme based…Ex: post pics of exercise in your neighborhood, a healthy breakfast pic, etc for coins.