Suggestion for an overtime thing of sorts


Today I walked 21k steps. That’s about 21swc.
I did, however, get only 20. I worked overtime and should be paid overtime.
There are, however, artificial caps and I respect that.
Still, I did work overtime. I argue a mechanism should be added that, once I’ve reached the cap, would still continue generating swc for the next day. Keep counting my steps and verify them at midnight or something. Start the next day with however extra I’ve walked, and if I walked enough to cover TWO caps, calculate for the third day… and so on and so forth… but with the caps in place.
20 today, start tomorrow with 1. If I walked 50k verified steps, start tomorrow with 20 swc, and the day after with ten. And so on and so forth.

edit: I’m somehow severely doubtful someone would go on a crazed Moses level of walk, but hypothetically, it would bring incentive to do more sweatin’.