Sweatcoin and Strava


Hi, does anyone know how we can send our outdoor runs, walks, etc from Strava to the Sweatcoin App? Can we link the two apps together to earn SweatCoins? Or link the Apple activity app to Sweatcoin to get coins? I forgot my iphone on my run this morning and only used my Strava app on my iwatch to record. Lost my daily outdoor coins. Help! :tired_face: Please thank you!


Unfortunately right now there’s no way to “sync” Strava and Sweatcoin that I’m aware of. I guess some daily bonuses and friend invites will have to make up for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the info. I hope Sweatcoin can get sync’d up with Strava. I do the RunBet Challenges and I only use my iwatch to go running and the RunBet app syncs with Strava on my route/GPS etc. it’s pretty cool. I don’t even have to open my RunBet app. It just collects all the data from Strava so I get my run accounted for that day. I hope you guys look into this. Would be a neat feature to have, so we don’t have to carry our phones. Happy runnin!