Sweatcoin app does not work on apple watch 5


Sweatcoin app on apple watch series 5 ask to enable location services on iphone. Location service on phone is enabled.
Sweatcoin app in settings does not have location service option.
How do I enable sweatcoin app on apple watch.


Hey @Charl_Jansen, thank you for your report. And sorry that you have trouble connecting your Apple Watch. We are seeing increasing number of such reports and currently investigate what the issue is. Hope we can provide fix very soon.

On the positive note, we are currently researching if we can make completely new Apple Watch experience with new algorithm and without user explicitly start and stop their activity so it would “just work” as on iPhone and increasing overall conversion on account.

Please enable location services Apple watch
Sweatcoin not listed under Location Settings
No location services?

Hi @khmelev

Thank your for the response and feedback. Look forward to issue being resolved as well as the New or revised app for apple watch. In the mean time i have to be patient and use my iphone :wink:

Take care and keep well



@BrinkenDad I will answer you here to keep everything at single thread. I am sure that this issue is a bit wider than AW5 only. You don’t see GPS pref on your phone because at the end of 2019 we remove our reliance on GPS and introduced second version of our algorithm with indoor verification. If another phone you mentioned was registered before this transition — thats explains why it is there, because it was registered when we had GPS algo.


Thank you for the feedback :+1:t2:


Seriously don’t understand why people make 500 threads for the same problem with watches when you can clearly see there is enough threads to help you all out. Stop being lazy and read through them. Annoys me​:joy::joy:


Hi there :wave: @khmelev / @sweatcointeam

Do you perhaps have an idea when a new or improved sweatcoin app for apple watch will be ready?

Love sweatcoin app but the sweatcoin app still does not work om apple watch.

Regards :nerd_face:


Try to reinstall both apps and see if it works for you. We’ve submitted fixed version of our app about month ago, and number of users reported that everything is fine.