SWEATCOIN “BRAND” promotion update


Another update post whaaaaaaa?!?

Well this one is gonna be huge and somewhat wacky so if you want to indulge into my ideas then sit back and read my words :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It seems like one of the easiest ways to promote somthing and that is to wear the sweatcoin brand. (Except social media of course)

Although this could be very pricey and somewhat unrealistic to the sweatcoin team it is a topic that myself and many others have talked and discussed for somtimes hours about.

So how will we get sweatcoin merch. Well the team design the the merch and then instead of being able to buy online it will be exclusively available on the sweatcoin app within the in app marketplace and for even more exclusivity can only be purchased from coins you have earned yourself (or not it’s up to sweatcoin hehe)

Here’s some examples for you

I hope you liked some of the examples they are just some random designs I thought of for this post

Sweatcoin merchandise would be amazing :grinning:


Two ideas I have here within the radio idea.

Idea 1. Promote a short ad about sweatcoin and push it out to radio stations

Idea 2 Male you’re own radio station that plays some music 24 hours a day 7 days a week

I know right an absolutely wacky idea but hey it’s fun haha

MAKE HERE (THE FORUMS) a better place

I’m unsure how we could improve this site I’m very happy with it however one problem I do see is it’s not promoted much. I would like to see on the app somewhere that tells you about a forum either just a little thing like “hello there stepper we value you’re feedback about the app why not review us on our sweatcoin forums”

Or a even bigger way is have a dev set up a photography post that will be forever open on the forums and have the option in app to snap a photo on you’re walks and directly upload them into that post in the forum. Limit to a couple posts every 24 hours but I think it would definitely improve activity in the forum.



Quick update regarding merch. I noticed other apps and other “unpopular” brands/products have their own merch line specifically products,apps that are crypto based or have somthing to do with crypto currency


On updating the forums, I would prefer them to put their resources to good use and utilize a large platform such as Reddit.

There are a lot of reasons for Reddit, starting with people already have accounts and frequent the website, so it is much easier to access, ask questions, and can be used to promote the App. Here you push us away with the opposite, it is hard to discover the forums, they require yet another set of terms and conditions to be agreed to, and require yet another account increasing the risk for the community in terms of social engineering hacks. Simply put, from a user perspective there is no clear benefit to using this website over other options.

On branded merchandise, I like the concepts. Sure, I personally would prefer they skip the custom names on it as it asks for trouble and increases costs, but to each their own there. Cases, hats, shirts, even vests or weighted gloves, and so much more would be neat. Myself I would appreciate a custom Popsocket with the Sweatcoin logo, a small detail that is fairly noticeable against the background of a black slab of glass called a phone.


Hey there :wave: I was actually thinking of this before making the post what was the ambition in creating thier own forums it was a great idea having everyone try and get together in a swc focused forum but thier isn’t really any benefits of it. There are thousands of users who are using sweatcoin reddit and haven’t even heard of this site and god knows everywhere else. I’m not sure if this is true but I haven’t seen them advertise the forums on thier Instagram since they opened the forums although I like the forums it is very strange that it seems to be just as empty or more empty than reddit and other sites As I said it was a great idea a great concept I wouldn’t say it was poorly executed or pointless but I would say more work needs to be done both on the forums itself and getting it out their and letting users know that a forum for sweatcoin exists.

I’m glad you somewhat agree with me on the merch @Korlithiel the names tbh could be considered a bit far fetched but the popsocket idea is cool and yes it would be something I’d purchase with my sweatcoin If any merch was to appear on the marketplace.

Thank you for responding :smiley:


I don’t want to be pessimistic, there are reasons for wanting their own forums. From Sweatcoin’s perspective it allows them control over the (few) users who join, allowing them to (for that limited audience) to control discussions and ensure they meet their standards (which includes potentially limiting speech that goes against how the company wishes to be viewed). For them it has value, if it takes off and replaces Reddit and other sources and in that sense, because it would be well curated, it could have value for users.

Maybe they foresee a time when they can pay a set of community managers, such that they can then handle the traffic as well as Reddit, and at that time have a need for those community managers such that the time and effort to hire them, and the money to pay them will be worth while by allowing conversations that they don’t feel comfortable having with the community elsewhere.