Sweatcoin Communication


Does anybody else find Sweatcoins communication abysmal?! Two weeks ago I submitted 20,000 sweatcoins for the TV (or value of…) had the confirmation email that it had been submitted and that Transferwise would be in touch to make payment, but have heard nothing since - despite sending emails to ask for updates… This on the back of the £1000 prize being withdrawn a few days before I reached 20k!!




Thanks @Kyle93, getting more and more frustrated with this app!


It seems when something significant needs answering nothing happens yet when it’s to respond to good feedback or solve small problems admin suddenly appear.

If you are happy to, please could you keep us updated on progress be it good or not so good.

This does prove people are now hitting the 20,0000 level thus the removal of rewards and increasing the cost of others.

Well done getting there and hope it ends well for you.


Thank you for raising this… let’s sort this for your ASAP.
Can you please DM me with the email address associated the request? I’ll check in on this request for you right away! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your comment here.
We are a small support team, and while this isn’t an excuse of course, it can be difficult for us to monitor and get back to every message here in the forum sometimes.
We are truly committed to helping our members as best as we can, and would suggest that if you have any issues to tag myself or @Ashton in the comment itself, so we will definitely see it and be able to get back to you as quickly as possible.
Please bear in mind that sometimes issues need to be passed along to other members of the team so we can assist to the best of our ability, but we’ll always do our best to handle issues as quickly as possible.
Once again, we really do apologise and hope we can help our community of Sweatcoiners more efficiently every day!


Hi @DaveUK, I’ll certainly keep you posted. It’s all a bit of a shame really, I’ve enjoyed the app whilst getting to 20k, but, like many others, have become disillusioned since Trouble Maker was introduced and marathon offers have started disappearing, or being moved further away…
Watch this space


Come off it Emma there is mention on another thread that someone ended up in someone else’s account and emailed TWICE to raise the alarm and got ZERO response. Afraid now you are charging extra money you all need to up your game and make sure you do respond in a timely fashion. If Sweatcoin can’t even be bothered to respond when such a serious matter is brought to your attention then nothing will. It’s a data security breach waiting to happen.

Also Sweatcoin withdraw decent offers and say you did this rather than raise the reward cost but ended up doing that to the others bigger offers regardless.

This is only going to end one way unless things change.


Hey @DaveUK - Just to let you know about the thread that mentions account security, I’ve messaged the user and I believe it’s a simple issue with recycled phone numbers from the provider.
Don’t worry! We’re looking into it to ensure there’s nothing sinister going on :open_mouth:


I’ve DM’d you with updates regarding the status of the reward…

As should have been mentioned after your purchase in an email from Lola, you will be sent your reward after 30 days of redemption (subject to internal checks on validity of your claim). :slight_smile:

However, in this case I’ve managed to push things along for you, and you should receive this reward at the beginning of next week.

Enjoy it and let us know what you spend it on! :smiley:

Regarding the marathon offers, we will be releasing an update about these and why we made the decision to change some things around next week – so please watch this space!


Thankyou for your detailed explanations.


Hi My is Omar Barise I’m do lote of bonus Since long time and I don’t got any thinking I want know How I can receive My bonus! Right now I have $ 1000 bonus let me explain! Please sincerely


Hi! Have you redeemed the marathon offers?
There’s currently a 30 day period between redeeming the offer and when we send it out - details are shown in the offer description :slight_smile:


Hi @Ashton , @Emma has been helping me with this and mentioned I should get it at the beginning of this week


Hi Emma - When is the announcement please?


Hi @Emma, could you give me an update please?


How much you waiting for mate.


Uk price for the tv is around £499


Decent. What you gunna spend it on.


Do you think I’ll actually get it?! :laughing: