Sweatcoin Communication


Yeah… just don’t bank on it being anytime within 4 weeks. I reckon 6ish weeks mate. If not then that’s unfair and misleading. I think you could seek some sort of legal advice.


We’ve messaged you about this - while there is the 30 day period for payment’s we’re speeding up the process for you :slight_smile: Keep an eye on your emails and DMs for more info!


I’ve just received my marathon prize this morning, missed out on the £1000 by a couple of weeks, but still a good return for the walking I do anyway.


Good for you mate, happy for you. Another 18 months get another lol.


Yay! Hope you enjoy your prize – do let us know what you spend it on!! :smiley:


Hi Kyle,
Please know that as with all these prizes, there is a 30 day period in which we ask that you please wait as there is a backlog of requests and we process these manually.
Everyone will get their reward within the 30 days and really appreciate a little patience and understanding while we work through these requests. :slight_smile:


Ok that’s fair enough


@Emma We are on tenterhooks about what’s going to be announced. You said a week, and it’s nearly 2 weeks now…


I’m waiting to Seaside and haven’t forgotten those films either lol.


You & those films lol. Doubt anyone is going to get one.


I know I can’t let it go lol. Another thought - all the trips say ‘few left’ which implies most claimed. If they have been claimed I suspect they have been used. If they have been used - yep, there should be films lol

Am door you understand my suspicious confusion :lying_face: