Sweatcoin competition(with prizes)


This is an experimental one so it’s not gonna be that big
So i am gonna make a challenge in my group
Prizes: who beats me in the week challenge gets 50 sweatcoins
If multiple does, the prizes get split and +5 sweatcoins to each winner
Example: if 5 people win, they get 15 sweatcoins each
Challenge will be made in a week when i assume enough people has seen this post
Group link: https://sweatco.in/i/phucyou69/group/227931517259889547
Join the group via the link above and accept invite
Requirements: none


But… your coins you award people with won’t be ‘earned’ so we can only use them on basic items. Cool
Idea though…


No one doesn’t like free money lol


But sweatcoins ain’t money :joy::eyes:


You can always sell them