Sweatcoin completly stopped tracking steps


I have a Samsung s10e and had the same problem after the recent update. I tried all the adjustments to settings as directed, but no luck. I decided to download s health and turn on the steps tracker, and that’s what seemed to work. Just uninstalled s health, and Sweatcoin and Google fit are still counting steps. I use Google fit to sync with Pokemon go, which was also not getting any of my walking info until I installed and removed s health.

Unfortunately, this only worked for about a day. Back to not counting anything now.

Restarted my phone, and it’s finally working for the past few days! Hope everyone is making progress!!


Everyone will be happy to hear that the Dec 20th version 19.0 update seems to have fixed a lot of the tracking issues. If you have not updated your app yet, this might be just what you need.
I also sent in my email address for the beta tester group
Android 10 testers needed


Not converting indoor steps in any way.

I also already complete reset my iPhone X. What is wrong?


Hey @Emma I have same problem on my iPhone XR what should I do ?
My account sweatcoin is jackcasper
Thank you!