Sweatcoin count steps but don't pay


Hello. What it can be wrong? All settings are good. Example: I go walk and I walk 4000 steps in sweatcoin. It shows “you have 4000 steps”. And when I send these steps to get reward for them, after analyzing steps they give me only 2000 steps reward. Why? :confused:


Hey Raimundas, Sweatcoin pays out each sweatcoin /km, not /step.


Than how to understand the system?

  1. Tracking (Total steps detected by your device)
  2. Unsent steps
  3. Sweatcoin Algorithm
  4. Sweatcoin steps (These steps can be converted into sweatcoins)

In my Example:

  1. 4000 steps
  2. 2000 steps.

And finally:

  1. Converted (1000 verified steps = 1 sweatcoin minus 5 percent comissions.

So sweatcoin pays for steps, not for km/h. Also you didn’t answered my question, why not all steps are approved :confused:


Hey I think I understood you now!
Total detected steps by your device are the amount of steps which have to be verified.

The algorithm of Sweatcoin has first to verify and check if the user didn´t try to cheat.
Moreover 1000 steps from me, are most likely not equal to 1000 steps from you :slight_smile:
Everyone has an individual walking or running speed + the size of each step differs from person to person.

So Yes, Sweatcoin does only count real outdoor steps.

Since you walked 4km, I think you have a problem with the conversion rate. Or a technical problem.

To increase the conversion rate of your steps into Sweatcoins, you can try to leave your phone in your pocket, if it bouncestoo much while walking you can try to add a nosepaper package into your pants pockets, so that your smart phone doesn´t bounce that much.

If the phone bounces too little, try wearing joggings.

Don´t leave keys or coins in your pocket.


I had the same issues with not getting the payout
When I go to see how much I earned it shows 0…look into my history and shows 0 steps for each day, after it shows 5k to 10k steps during the day being counted


Well seem’s not fair. I not cheating and I don’t want to use some “special pockets” for my phone for reduce or increase bouncing. Strange :confused:


@Raimundas Nobody is talking about special pockets hahaha I meant that having maybe only the mobile phone in the empty pockets might be a better and more accurate way to measure the outdoor steps for the algorythme than having the weight of the keys, grinder and other stuff in your pockets which will bounce with with every step.


Did you try using Sweatcoin app with a phone case on your phone? Did you walk near trees or tall buildings? Did you have battery saver on in the app or in your phone settings? Did you open the app first before walking to make sure the app isn’t sleeping? Did you stop and go while walking with Sweatcoin? Did you cover some distance while walking with Sweatcoin or just walk in a small area?