Sweatcoin Daily Bonus Does not work


Plz help me…daily bonus not working…just buffering bt not received…later say that there is no bonus…plz help me


Hey @TonoY,

Sorry you’ve experienced issues here…
I’d suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that helps! Don’t worry - all your previous step history and sweatcoins will still be there after re-installing! :slight_smile:


I have found that this does happen to me quite regularly on the iOS platform. I have found that if I send all outstanding steps and restart the app, the daily reward works again. However, I haven’t yet tried a reinstall yet, it may provide a more permanent fix.


Day after day I have to do a hard reboot of my phone sometimes 3 or 4 times to get the bonus. Sick and tired of this.


Not getting daily rewards anymore
I’ve forced quit
Reinstalled nothing works any ideas who I contact


I’ve tried everything I can think of and also updated the app twice. I now am not able to get past the first page where I enter my name and number. I’ve only had one issue prior to this. Please tell the team we need the app fixed.