Sweatcoin does not convert while running


Hi guys,
I heve used sweatcoin for two weeks, and everything works fine when I walk.
Nevertheless, when I run, the step conversion is ZERO.
How comes?


Where do you put your phone when you walk compared to when you run? For example when I run I hold my phone in my hand which allows the phone to feel the full swing movements. Compared to my mom who puts hers in her back pocket so the phone doesn’t detect full swings like mine does.


Hey! What device are you using?


Thank you for your help. I have a huawei p30 pro and when I run I use an armband.
I have set the right options on the phone (it works fine during walking) and when I walk I have the phone in my backpocket.
I also tought that taking my phone in the backpocket during running would have improved the step conversion, but now i read about your mom.
How fast do you run? My average is about 12 kmh


I carry my phone in a strap pocket of a water bladder pack when I run (I think the pocket is meant for carring gels, but I don’t use those). My average pace (I’m a slow plodder) is about 5mph/8kmph, and it always records my step count just fine.

Converting to coins is a different matter, but that’s all steps (walking and/or running) on random days…


I found a way. During my run I activated one of the gps tracking app on my phone (i choose to record my run on huawei health) and I finally got it work! It did’t miss a step.
I think that, activating the gps tracking, the precision of the gps is higher and if you run at a pace, in my case 12kmph, the algorithm doesn’t consider it like cheating


Hi Pingub, I have the same problem. What kind of gps tracking app do you use?