Sweatcoin doesn’t work


@Samm My problem seems to have gone away for the last 5 weeks and is converting better then ever, sometimes the full 20 sweatcoins with less then 21,000 steps. Not sure if this is due to the lockdown and the fact I have been walking near home (quite rural) and not through the centre of Manchester before work. Be interesting to see if that changes when I am no longer working from home. It used to work fine in Central Manchester until they said they no longer relied on GPS or outdoor steps which should have improved things but actually made it worse. But as I say last 5 weeks has been great using iPhone 8 and IOS 13.4.1


Hiya, I’m pleased to hear your problems got sorted-gives me hope that mine might right itself. I’ve decided not to bother trying to get to my 10 sweatcoins a day cause it’s that out of sink in converting at a rate of a good day begin 9,637 counted and only 3,851 converted :weary:. It’s the knock on effect to my weekly and monthly daily average that annoys me more than anything cause it’s going to take months to get t back to where it was and that’s only going to happen if my problems resolve themselves. Thanks for letting me know that you are now sorted as it gives me a bit of faith in mine. Stay safe xXx


Iam having the same problem for a few weeks on an iPhone 6, worked perfect was making great progress then it just stopped converting steps
I’ve tried everything to fix to no avail.
Getting bored with the app now.
Is there any alternative app to sweatcoin ???


Yes, still not converting. Since we’ve been on lockdown, I’ve been doing much more steps and it’s either not converting the steps or they aren’t being converted correctly. I’ve noticed about the cut and paste responses. I have a Samsung S10e (android)