Sweatcoin Emoji Comp!


Hey Sweatcoiners!
It’s time for another Sweatcoin Giveaway :swc:
This time, we have a brand new challenge for you.
Any guesses?

We’d like you… to make some Custom Sweatcoin Emoji’s. Let your creativity run wild!
This runs in celebration of World Emoji Day :smiley:

The competition ends at 6PM GMT on Friday, 19th July.
Some of the sweatcoins for this challenge have been kindly donated in by some of our Warriors!
Thanks to xMicah, Ting, m&m, seedmaster for donating some of their hard earned sweatcoins :muscle:

Some quick rules:

  • Only 3 Entries per person
  • Must be Sweatcoin related (walking, logo edits etc)
  • Must be your own work
  • Can be animated emojis

Now, for the prize list…
1st place will get 1000 Sweatcoins
2nd place will get 500 Sweatcoins
3rd and 4th place will get 250 Sweatcoins

Simply post your submission below :smiley:






Hi! I love the idea - just a few questions tho - Are the Emoji’s for Discord? I’m wondering if we can have text in our Emoji’s, cuz if it’s for Discord, then sadly the text won’t be able to be seen ):


Hey! The emojis will be added here in the forum, and in the Warrior discord server




Awesome challenge. Would love to make something. But bad timing since im on vacation without my computer/laptop. Any suggestions for editing apps on Android? Not necessarily needed, maybe I dont even have time to make it :slight_smile: Have fun everyone!


Introducing Sweatcoin Sweat Drops!
It’s the best that I could do with just Paint at my disposal.



Show your Sweatcoin pride with this awesome emote!


Here are [1 out of 3] of my creations! I woke up to see this challenge and immediately got to work so enjoy! (Tried my best with my own imagination running wild xD)

Sweatcoin User : tempapollotv






Entry #2



So I had trouble publishing this yesterday but I finally got it rolled out and here it is. A sweatcoin logo with a background blended in with a. Nice slogan :grinning:




These are really great! Keep 'em coming! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:





My final entry for the sweatcoin competition :grinning: