Sweatcoin Events?


This is maybe an odd suggestion?

Anyways what does everyone think of a meet-up event of Sweatcoin users? So from the UK etc. So which ever country you are from. So say every-month there is a event, if you walk so and so at the event you get put into a raffle of winning a prize. E.G 250-500 coins? Maybe someone from Sweatcoin can come up with the prizes. :blush:

Everyone can get to know each other better, forum is a good start but I think this could be next level.


I’ve never been to a event for a app before would be pretty cool.


Once a month would probably be a bit much for some, but if it was twice a year and somewhere on a main line train, I think it would be a fantastic idea, or taking part in a walking charity to get the extra coins… maybe.