Sweatcoin Giveaway! 🤑 1000 Coins!


Hey Sweatcoiners!

We’re super excited to announce another sweatcoin giveaway! :moneybag:

Now, more than ever, we all need to try and stay as healthy and active as possible, whatever way we can!

In this giveaway, 1k sweatcoins are up for grabs.

We’re asking you: How have you been keeping active recently?

:1st_place_medal: 1st place - wins 500 sweatcoins
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd place - wins 250 sweatcoins
:3rd_place_medal: 3rd/4th place - win 125 sweatcoins

We’ll announce the winners on Monday the 23rd - so get posting!

Stay safe everyone, and Happy Sweatcoining!


I keep active by - going to The gym walking the dog and walking around a huge building site 1.7 miles to work and 1.7 miles from work. Average around 30k steps a day. Exhausting most days but hey sweatcoins ain’t free ;).


I work as a patient transporter at my local hospital. My job is to move patients from the beginning at the time of their admission, to exams or procedures within the hospital, to their discharge. I even transport the deceased to the morgue. On a busy eight hour shift I can get up to 13000 - 16000 steps in.


I start the day by walking my dog for 2 miles, go to work delivery driver so in and out of the van all day, go for a walk during my lunch break and usually go for a walk after work. In January i set my self a challenge to max out 20 sweatcoins a day and that meant walking approx 11 outdoor miles a day, i completed it but was quite hard work as some days had to walk for 7 or 8 miles after work in all weathers, loving the app seems to be converting correctly at the moment :+1:


I don’t think I walked regularly before SweatCoin. Now, even at rest times, I walk a bit, even briefly. It was very little at first, maybe 1000 steps, maybe 1 km, but now at least 5000 steps or 5 km, sometimes 10 km, I even made regular walks for 15 km, 20 km, 25 km. Fortunately, I met SweatCoin and brought life to my life.


I start my day by waking up and everytime i get ready i grab my phone and i walk with it wherever i go because ovbs social media or games😂. Then i mean i walk to the busstop to get the bus which is either just 5 min or it takes about 15-20 min and thats how i gain sweatcoins and then i got the fact that after i get to my 1st destination, ive to walk to my other to get my other bus and that helps me to collect sweatcoins as well. Then lastly, i walk into where i go to school and then i have to walk to my lesson and then after that its just all walks, I rarely sit down😂. But by know i should probs have 1000 but i had to delete the app because it stopped regenerating my steps last year so i redownload it again i think at the start of this year or at the end of last year on my new phone again, i am happy its working on this phone now and i am also happy there are donations you can make, ive made a few donations already and i am pleased that ive given some donations. But anyways my days are pretty much walking in and out the house, so pretty much walks and walks and walks, i do get tired eventually but that is how we live, we gotta keep moving. While i walk my steps are increasing & tbh i dont even know how many km because of the amount of steps😂


Even if it is tough during the confinement. We stay active by working out at home.


So since the new year i have been walking much more and have been specifically walking to either new places or places i haven’t been to in a while woodlands, fields, nature trails and lakes.

It has been going very well up until 2 weeks ago when the covid-19 started to infect many in the Uk. I have still been going on my walks however especially ones on the fields as no other person is ever around and its quite cool too spot the odd deer and rabbit run across the fields a great change from your standard city walk.

I have also been exercising indoors walking up and down stairs and other activities.

Stay safe all :slight_smile:


Staying active is more important than ever now, so great to see you all here. Any tips for those who are in social distancing or lockdown mode that we could all share?


I stay active and fit by running a 5k every day in the morning, and walking a 5k back home. Then in the afternoon, I ride my bike 5 miles. I can litterally feel my cardio improving! Before I got sweatcoin, I never did stuff like this, but now its just a normal part of my life.


I keep my self active by using my treadmill and walking my neighbors dog around the hood at eve
And sometimes i use my bicycle when the weather is good


I try to keep myself active by going to the gym and ride my bicycle :bike: in my free time outside and go for distances to keep fit and my sweatcoin up


How I get active
I take my mum’s phone at 1 pm when she’s taking a nap. Because I am at my grandma’s house, so I have a bunch of places to discover. On a normal day, I would go out for 1 hour and average around 8000-9000 steps, one time I got lost and took 13000 steps to get home.
Bonus: when I’m at home, I can turn into a complete tryhard and average around 19000-22000 steps a day.
sometimes I can walk inside the house when it’s too polluted and still get about 13000-15000 a day
Or when I have no time at all, I can still give my mum’s phone to my baby sister and make her walk around the house.
And the virus really doesn’t bother me because i can wear my mum’s dishwashing gloves, a pair of swimming goggles and a 3m respirator mask. I really recommend this combo.
stay safe guys lmfao and happy sweatcoining
ps: my sweatcoin username is lmao420 not lmao42069, apparently, someone took it


The motivation this app brings to me and those I’ve shared the app with. The biggest benefit for me is the constant inspirations it gives not only to its members but also allows us to donate and help others with greater needs.


Now is verry difficult to me as i live in Italy to practice any kind of sport. But now as indoor steps are approved I can do more exercise inside house… so I’m excited about that… but we must be strong and when all of this will finish … we will do more sport and more SWC. I keep doing sport at home and #iorestoacasa. :heart:


Up until a week ago I would catch a train and then walk to work, and walk at work, or walk to the supermarket and wherever I could.
Then things changed, on Thursday of last week.

I am in Italy, in quarantine for the CoVid-19. I can’t leave my house (except to go buy food, as close to home as possible and as quickly as possible), but luckily my apartment building has a large “roof terrace”, so I’m getting my daylight and steps there.
I can’t run because of a hernia, but I’m walking about 2 hours per day! One “circle” around the terrace is about 50 steps, so I have to turn around at times otherwise my head will start spinning for going in circle!


I’m a letter carrier for Canada Post. My route varies due to the volume of mail and flyers, but it averages about 22km per day. I really never thought how much I walked until Sweatcoin. Immediately after I finish my route, I check the Sweatcoin app, and if I don’t reach the daily max of 20SC, I walk a few more blocks just to reach it. I also like the chances of getting more SC by watching the Daily Bonus. Weekends I usually try to rest but to get the daily bonus, I walk around more. Overall Sweatcoin has made me more aware of my walking activity. I really like the app!!


Its truly amazing to see that, during these tougher times, many are still finding ways to keep active and get their steps in. Are there tips anyone can give to the Sweatcoin community about keeping active when trying to/having to stay home?
Hope you’re all staying safe :hugs:


Personally I sort of I am have what I suppose a bit of an advantage in staying active in most situations. It is probably pretty much obvious that since I started moving, I haven’t stopped. At this point I am not even convinced I can stop moving and it probably gives motion sickness to anyone who happens to try a face to face conversation with me (especially on a video chat).

To be honest, I work from home a majority of the time. I always make sure to stay active. Since the arrival of the new indoor algorithm I have found that all sorts of activities can even earn your Sweatcoins too. One of my office desks is quite literally a treadmill.

However, there are other activities of which Im not actually going to be publishing clips :rofl:

Dancing round the kitchen whilst cooking.
Dancing around the house when not cooking.
Dancing around just because…
Zumba Kinect.
Just Dance Kinect (confession I don’t actually do this one personally🤣)
Youtube has a plethora of activity clips.

… anybody noticing a bit of a theme here? :crazy_face:

As an added bonus listening to so decent music with a good groove not only drives your body but you can’t help but succumb to the feel good factor so it’s a win win on that side.

For those who like me can’t stand being cooped up within four walls, there are a number of mobile apps that offer video’s of outdoor views, some of which even playback the videos synchronised to the speed of your activity. They may not be perfect but they are great for effectively bringing the outdoor indoor and helping get rid of a little of the anxiety that indoor isolation can cause. Although they main intent is for use when on treadmills, exercise cycles, rowing machines steppers etc. They are just as effective if you don’t have any exercise equipment available. Simply put your mobile or tablet on a stand facing you and run in place! My personal favourite app is called BitGym for iOS and Android and even the free trial gives you a really good idea of how that works but limits activities to 10 minutes per session.
However, the developer has kindly joined in with the efforts to help people with the current anxiety of the millions of people in isolation and have offered FREE access to their premium package until May for all those in quarantine and ilself-isolation. I would definitely recommend giving the app a quick try if nothing else. [https://www.bitgym.com/quaranteam/index.html]

Day to day life at the moment especially is getting difficult for individuals, families, communities and indeed everyone globally. Even with social distancing, quarantine, self-isolation etc. it is a time when we must in our own way come together and help each other through these trying times.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong and where possible keep on steppin’!


Yoga. If you don’t have a mat use a soft towel. For the more active types of yoga you shouldn’t need props. But you can loop 2 belts together for a yoga strap, use a blanket wrapped around a couple pillows as a bolster.

Other than yoga, you can walk around while cleaning. Put on some music, and put a garbage bag and laundry basket on the other side of the room, and walk around more than necessary to clean.

For kids moreso, you can make it into a game to play with them. Basketball with a box and some rolled up socks, or dodgeball with socks and a line of colored tape to divide the room. If you have balloons you can inflate a couple to hit back and forth over a table, like tennis