Sweatcoin Giveaway! 🤑 1000 Coins!


Btw why they close this forum? Lol strange that still can sign up a new account if this is closed.


That’s so impressive! Wish i could get 20k a a day in! Good for you!


I’m a new and its my day 2. so far very nice and exciting. earn while you workout. isn’t it a dream? Have high hopes for #SweatCoins :heart:


Since July 2020…


Lmfao people still trying to get the sweatcoins from last year :joy::joy:


Arkadaşlar boş boş yürüsem de bu uygulama bana hakkımı veriyor brooo


I have just came back and planning to be active after i lost my phone last 2019. I just remembered the app now. I felt sorry for myself for that. But now will mark the “Another beginning” road to a healthy me :smile: