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I’ve been active by taking regular walks, even with the corona virus news, sometimes hangout with classmates, and build new friendships, taking walks also helps out clearing my head and calming down. I also work on art and game development, taking walks helps be get more ideas and realism knowledge, thank you for reading.



I like to be active after ending my smoking and alcohol habits. I’m averaging 10k a day. I like to hike long distances and go 5-7 miles on canal paths.


Unfortunately I cant be active like usualy because I have to stay in the house for my own good :cry:


Thankfully. And unfortunately, my job is still working. I get most of my active steps from being at work. I live in the midwest where its just now starting to get decent outside so my ability to get outdoor steps is kinda limited right now. Hopefully you all have some good plans to stay active as well!


with a love of all things walking whether it be through a field, up a mountain, across a stream or along the beach. When I’m not at work, I’m usually found out and about with my walking group. I will no doubt have one or two of my Dads dogs beside me for company as I explore my beloved Amarillo.

If I’m not walking, I’m just thinking about food and a good book. If I’m not reading or eating, I’m usually found on the tennis courts or at my laptop looking for a new adventure to challenge myself with or writing about old ones. When I’m not doing any of this, I am probably tweeting Bradders or Instagramming a selfie whilst my friends and family look at me with their heads shaking their heads in despair!! Pick me for the love of walking😁


Daily walks to the shops to try and get the last few bits I needed so I feel happy I can have a healthy diet if I have to isolate myself

And several days included dog walking at a greyhound rescue centre (registered charity), which has 19 dogs needing a daily walker but it currently short of walkers and can’t take on any new ones.


I’m not that exciting all i do is… nothing hahaha there’s nothing much to do besides keep my phone on me all day and see the outcome at the end of the day.:+1:


I can’t make this exciting but:

• play golf. :golf::golfing_man:‍♂
• always walk to get my shopping.
• potter around in my tiny flat and communal gardens.



I go for walking at calm en quiet places with hardly any people like the forrest. So I am still active and I am at beautiful places :smiley:


Greetings. I walk 5 to 7 miles each morning. I am 64 years old and my walks are a big part of my daily self care. I use this time to meditate, listen to music and experience nature. I work as a therapist 10 hours per week. I am indebted to a very fine young man who shared his discovery of Sweatcoin with me. Sweatcoin has provided me with that extra motivation to walk in all types of weather and maintain a regular and consistent schedule. My biggest wish is that everyone in the Sweatcoin community stay safe during these trying times.


I really don’t like going outdoors because I’m scared of infecting others, but I’ve been going stir crazy. And I can only imagine how stir crazy ny dog is going, so I take her on bike rides. There’s this leash that attatches to a pole that attatches to your bike, it’s pretty cool. We go for about 5 miles a day, she loves getting to run


So I have been keeping active in two ways. Home body workouts once a day and running 3 times a week, 30 mins each time.

Running is a challenge with social distancing but I go to a park that is half closed but no one knows there’s another half, so most times it’s just me running there! :slight_smile:

Wishing health to everyone.

Stay safe.


I am playing basketball outside, as a point guard training my speed, explosion. Of course sometimes train on muscles, do pull-ups, push-ups.

P. S. I am 5"5 and 12 years old:

Stay safe everyone!


I start my day by eating a healthy breakfast and making sure my son I are exercising , meditation and ,every other days will switch off yoga and Kickboxing . Have a great healthy weekend.


I try to be as active as I can but with the crisis that we are dealing with at this second it’s hard to be active. Anyways I hope stay safe! And stay healthy work out is a good way to have a healthy life! :hugs::hugs:


I take the dogs to play at the farm and docks. We run and climb and hike through strange terrain. Waters cold so I try not to get wet, by climbing on rocks, but the dogs aren’t worried so much. Thinking about trying some kayaking next! Do you get sweatcoins at sea? image




same! I run a 5k every morning too!


I start my day with a nice coffe and doing some morning exercise and My best part of day is cooking breakfast as I m really good in kitchen… I like to do morning walk and listen music while I am walking… I spend time with family these days as we all lock down at home of corona… I been goın gym 5 days in a week and when everythink go back normal I wud like to carry on hopefully… I do work in a tourism town so I always have to look good. Sport it the big part of my life… stay safe guys have a healthy week … :running_man: :mask::pray: