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I’ve been walking and hiking with my dog in the beautiful mountains of Utah. I also like to dance at home to Just Dance for the Switch.


I been keeping active by walking around the house doing chores and outside on the patio, we have 2.5 acres so there’s lots to do around it and I love it, keep enjoying walking and being healthy.


Sorry to hear that – but better to stay safe at the moment! Have you been keeping active in any new ways in light of recent times? :slight_smile:


I jog with my cat for 2 hours every day and show her all the buildings in my town.


Times up! Thank you all for your amazing replies :smiley:
It’s amazing to see how everyone is staying active recently - you all deserve a medal :1st_place_medal:

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Thank you all for posting - keep up the fitness and get some sweatcoins :swc:

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I have a in home gym and I lift weights and run on a treadmill and sometimes I go out and ride my bike


Hi Ashton! Thank u for chosen me. I saw that u send me only 0.01SWC .


Yep - that was just to confirm your username. Your sweatcoins will be fully sent within 12 hours :slight_smile:


Okey I didn’t know that sorry :sweat_smile:


Hehe :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:your :cat: likes to jog?? I wish mine would do that! :star::star:


Kazananları tebrik ederim. :+1::tada::gift::partying_face:


When i go school its an hour walk and about more than 40 thousand steps when i go and back, i havent been going to school cos of corona and i dont have much swestco,ins ;(


Hi . I spend the day with personal hygiene and a glass of lukewarm water and then a half hour and half an hour later I do physical fitness exercises and given that I have just arrived in China and have to be in quarantine for up to 14 days, Bad in the world where the coronavirus doesn’t get everywhere and to protect ourselves and those around us we have to stay home and not go out until things get back to normal, however we can’t have a good walk as before. I exercise twice a day at home in the morning and evening in the morning physical fitness like aerobic exercise like jumping rope and I do abdominal and lateral muscle strength, and at noon, general exercises that can be done at home with no bodybuilding equipment such as shoulder and chest, leg, back, and armpit, and arm and arm exercises respectively. I practice one day and we should pay attention to the food we eat at home so that we do not become obese, and I devote a few hours a day to learning Chinese. Thank you


Why lukewarm water. …