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I have been playing Pokemon Go while running Sweatcoin in the background :slight_smile: in my country it is allowed to go outside as long as you keep distance from other people.


I have been playing with my dog a lot since the pandemic started…she has helped me keep moving


I’m on my feet from 5 am till 8 or 9 pm with my job, Monday thru Friday…and spend as much time outside on weekends as I can, quadding, walking pup, swimming, doing loads and deliveries of firewood!! :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:


I’ve done a lot of walking, but the program doesn’t give me enough money. Can you fix this for me?

This happens to me every day


I go running for 10km every other day and I try to do some workouts at home with my body. I don’t have time for much more…I love it :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey! Sorry for this issue - have you tried out the steps posted in This Post :slight_smile:
There is lots of information posted to help you improve conversion - and if that doesn’t work, drop a comment in that thread and we’ll help out further :smiley:


Well, this pandemic has had me glued to the couch for no better good. I’ve been wanting to get active, and discovered Sweatcoin, it has an effective motivation strategy that not only works consistently, I enjoy it as well. Discovering new places in the area and playing with stray dogs and breathing some fresh air. Kinda gives you a new perspective on things!


Play with stray dogs? Hope you got Medical insurance lol.


They’re all friendly in the area


I could imagine they are very friendly. But stray dogs carry diseases… rabies is one cause for concern. I don’t know about medical costs abroad if you live there. but as a Tourist if I come abroad and hurt myself I have to pay a excess fee and it ain’t cheap by any means.


That’s a good point, will be careful. Thanks for the concern.


No problem. Stay safe.


I dumpster dive to recycle. I cash in cans to pay for my drug habit! Also running from the police works up a great sweat.


Ive been gardening… growing both vegetables :strawberry::leafy_green::cucumber::carrot:and flowers! :wilted_flower::sunflower:Im a newb at it but its very rewarding… also been wrestling around with my kiddos​:family_woman_boy_boy:…leg wrestling :women_wrestling:is really fun! And i like to ride my bycicle :biking_woman:do stretches :woman_cartwheeling:and dance :dancer:around the house while I’m cleaning :gloves::goggles:and listening to music :green_heart:


During this Covid19 its hard to go out except for necessity, i still walk inside my house/ apartment which is a 99 sqm really very small but still active acting as the the GURU handyman of the house
incase we go out , there is no other place except for shopping, and its not really a place i like so i have to stay still in the car
the best thing i do have , and that helped me a bit is a little small garden in front of my house…that’s my escape!!


Work runs me ragged so no need to go to a gym or on strolls


I keep active by hiking and foraging with my pup. We’re spending the summer living in my van in the mountains. We spend all day every day playing ball and enjoying mountain life


I’ve started walking to locations I need to be, rather than cycle or take the bus. I basically make the money I would spend on the bus walking, it’s great :slight_smile: I do like cycling though!


Great to see so many newcomers and to see the enthusiasm. I know lockdowns have prevented many people from exercising as often as they would like but hopefully the sacrifices will all have been worth it when looking at the bigger picture.

As lockdowns ease off we can all start getting out and about a little more again.

Happy Sweatcoinin’ y’all :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Shoot lockdown or not gotta get my kiddos out and sane. If not we’d all go insane :rofl::rofl: I make sure to always make time for a daily walk, it’s such a wonderful stress reliever when it’s building up! Love I can use sweatcoin on something I already do EVERYDAY :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: my kids and I will go for multiple daily walks or going to the park it’s my job to keep us all sane and active thru this rough time we all have to go thru :slightly_smiling_face::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: