Sweatcoin Giveaway! 🤑 1000 Coins!


I’m going to be honest, I posted this in completely the wrong thread LOL I meant to post it to the Welcome thread🤣
however, I like the response, it hasn’t held me back but I know for many it hasn’t been quite so simple.


I’ve been walking and running outside using my 2xboost, but the sad part is that it rips me off on my steps half the time I use it. Like today I walked/ran around 2,500 steps and I only received $0.57 Sweatcoin dollars. This is the 3rd time that’s happened to me. Anyway after my walk/run I always find a UTube workout to do!! Working out helps not only physically but mentally too.


It’s probably not ripping you off. There are threads on here explaining it better. But either way keep it up as the coins are a free bonus for getting out & exercising!
I’m sure “Phatt one” wrote a good piece on the way it converts steps.:+1::+1:


I’ve been trying to keep up whit everything , the gym is closed so I go out every single day and doing what I love sports !:heartbeat:


Since the beginning of corona I have motivated my friend to do spot with me for example jogging three times a week or swimming (but just a few times it’s still cold). In addition I’m doing body weight exercises to gain more muscles and in the break I was sometimes joggimg along a river near our house


I’ve been walking a lot in my job, SWC’s keeping me motivated. Just upgraded to Trouble Maker and loving the double steps count. Hopefully I’ll get to 20 000 someday. My motivation is a cosy igloo in Finland, would love to share Northern Lights with my partner.


I’ll just keep using Sweatcoin & moving as long as it takes :joy::sweat_smile:!!


I like to keep active by going on at least two walks a day, sometimes I’ll ride my bike :bike: I definitely like walking though to get my steps in. Walking is made easier with my fantastic walking buddy, my dog :dog:.

Stay safe


Hi. What kind of dog do you have?


A very energetic one! :joy::dog::joy:


Haha! Lot’s of walking to tire them out :smiley:


I have been more motivated to walk my dog around the neighborhood. I’ll make sure my sweat coin is on, and I’ll tune into my latest audio book to listen to on my walk. It keeps me informed and active weekly. In days that are too hot to walk we’ll make sure to find a dog park with plenty of shade or stay at home and try some work out videos.


I hurt my back recently actually. So I have been just going on walks and stretching to stay active.


I start my day with a walk it helps get your day started and gets your body where it needs to be early. Don’t hit the snooze button get up on the first alarm!


I’ve been using Zombie Run (the app) to start turning my walks into jogs! I can now confidently walk 15-20k in a day, so I’m trying to push myself and doing well so far. I’ve also bought dumbbells and a skipping rope so I can start doing more indoor exercise!


I’ve been cleaning the house a lot more recently and it helps keep me in shape, also so does chasing around after my one year old :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve been taking my dog on daily walks. I also go for 15 mike bike rides almost every day. I also work out for an hour. I know I probably won’t win but im giving it a shot because quitters never win


Pretty late to the game but as the saying goes, ‘better late than never’. Since the lockdown from the covid19, i have been spending excessive time on my chair, however, Sweatcoin got me moving again recently and provided me with an incentive to get back my active lifestyle which i have forsaken after my military service days. I have been doing walks around my estate on alternate days and i do approx 3km runs on the rest of the other days. So far, i have used this as a motivation to train myself up for any upcoming 10km marathon or possibly, a half marathon. Running is my therapy for the hectic period during work or study and it helps to boost my health especially in this covid situation.


hi i dont know whats this all about but hopefully i can win the price lol

its my first time here sorry😅


Reading some of these makes me feel very lazy and I might have to step up my sweat coining soon. But I typically just walk my dog walk to most of my appointments just try to stay active and if I can’t find a reason to I just play Pokemon go with sweatcoin run in the background that’s always a good way to get some steps up