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As well as(luckily) working everyday as a Postal Worker. When finished,I take my kids out from home schooling,and play football,go for family walks and go cycling with my youngest boy



I brought my children and I some dancing ribbons and when the weather is eight during the day we play and get active with the ribbons and other activities together


I am so extremely excited and happy to share with all the world that over the last 5 years, I have managed to go from weighing 118kg down to a whopping 76,5 kg and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this amazing feeling off walking around with so much self confidence (because I’m so proud of myself) that I am for the first time in a long time, focusing 100% on living and loving life!
It’s thanks to this awesome app that I managed those last 7-10kg which is the reason for my living life as it should be lived… Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul​:smiley::heart:


I had to work through the shut down. I do Security Work at a casino in Las Vegas.


Ive been walking my dog Bella so I can get mt steps in and she loves it. Weve explored in the moutains behind my house and she was excited to see the landscape.


At work I some times help the labor crew out and that requires tremendous amounts of walking and physical activity so I get paid to be active :muscle:


I’ve recently got a job as a corn dessetler for the summer walking around 15 to 20 thousands steps a day


I’ve been keeping fit by signing up to the 100 mile challenge In August to raise money for teenage cancer trust. If anyone wants the link so they can sign up send me a message.


I keep active in the garden and swimming when I am able!! :seedling::heart::sunny:


I’m so sorry to hear this, having an autoimmune disease I really do empathize with you…I really make up for it with dancing while cleaning, cooking, ect… my steps aren’t what they used to be but it’s something.
I hope this helps and just remember IT WILL GET BETTER! :wink::hugs: