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Alot of us on here lol


Hi! I keep active by walking/jogging daily, usually with my dog. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I walk/jog, I sometimes also listen to music.:walking_woman:



Lockdown 2.0. It’s here


We say lockdown, it isn’t really much of a lockdown, more of a couple of extra restrictions. I’m still trying to work out whether to join in the panic buying for bog roll or decorating supplies.


Keep your hands off my loo roll!! Watching you! Think you can step’ away from me. Ha. Got another thing coming sonny jumbo. :joy::joy::eyes::eyes:


:rofl: I wonder how long it’ll be before shoppers are fighting in the asles over bare essentials again. To be honest, my nearest Asda wasn’t even stocked properly to start with. It’s been roughly three weeks since I’ve actually seen bread on the shelves. You have to go in at exactly the right time.

Anyway, what are you doing up at this time of the morning on a Sunday morning? :rofl:


If at all possible can you please try and stop watching me in the loo. Next thing we know @DaveUK will be wanting to record footage to include in his movie masterpiece. At that point, I think I may just about have to draw the line. :rofl::man_facepalming:


I have a son who’s 11months old today. Decides 6am is wake up time so we come downstairs to play toys lol. No work til tomorrow so just a chilled rainy day. Gimme ya loo rolls.


@DaveUK is onto you ! He wants them films! And ya loo rolls haha. As long as Dave has some sort of footage it’ll
Keep him quiet ;).


New to the app and makes me walk more with the dog :joy:


Welcome to Sweatcoin…


@Kyle93 and @Phatt.One you are both safe it only the holiday films. Well that and filming Kyle as he well knows. In the meantime I will save up so I can win an auction (or buy a healthy bag of gummies)


Film me like I’m one of your french girls hunny.


People panic buying. Went Morrison’s last evening. Shelves empty :joy:


Welcome. Sweatcoin will make you active


Haha. Goodluck mate. Bet I can’t even get my
Morning eggs.


If anyone is being filmed with French girls it’s me lol. Well at least let me go first :smile::smile:


No David @DaveUK your the camera man because you wanna be the cameraman so
Bad that’s what you want so that’s what you get. Il keep the frenchies to myself :joy::eyes:


I work 5 days a week and am always running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day long that’s how I stay healthy


I work as an organ transporter at my local hospital. My job is to take the organs to various hospitals. In an intense 10 hour shift I can take up to 15000-20000 steps.