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I knew if I sent my kids the app then they would help me keep up with walking and getting healthy. So now that I have my kids participating i know if one of use tries to ditch, the other is going to motivate!! Everyone in my house is using the app!:partying_face::wink:


I download a programme and WAAAAAAALK. I also walk to work saving on money and walk from my spanish classes. I am about to make a walking Spotify playlist!


I try to find time to activate nowadays because it’s kinda difficult for me to come along with both my studies and workout. But I try my best to stay healthy and also to be a part of sweatcoin’s community in order to be able to win any kind of prizes you offer! Thanks a lot that you keep motivating me as long as it’s possible!


I have been mainly helping my stepdad load and unload pallets and chop firewood to retain some form of activity during these trying times


Good luck to us all guys…:metal::metal::wink::wink::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::slight_smile::slight_smile:


About 30 days ago I created ‘The Solo Jumping-jack-a-thon’: a DIY alone at-home self-quarantine jumping jack competition where basically a day is a day if I wake up for it and whenever it’s a day I do jumping jacks, I have to do a total of the same amount or more jumping jacks than I did on whatever the day I last did them on was.


That’s so cool didn’t no that at all


Ich war aktiv, indem ich jeden Tag 2 Runden über den Berg bei uns gehe. Das sind ungefähr 20000-25000 Schritte pro Tag.


I’m brand new to Sweatcoin. I live in a coastal town in Washington State. To decrease my carbon footprint and monthly expenses I walk & ride the bus.
I walk roughly 10 miles a day if not more.

In 1998 I had a stroke when I was 35. While I can get tired and then limp slightly. I LOVE THE SCENERY WHERE I LIVE, AND GETTING LOTS OF FRESH AIR. I RESIST GETTING RIDES FROM NEIGHBORS UNLESS ITS RAINING.


Ben isim geregi cok hareket ediyorum. Ve dinledigim yer biaz uzak bunu her gun yapiyorum. Isim ise mermer işçisiyim.




As a Software Engineer I have to go out of my way to plan physical activity since I spend most of my time on the computer. BUT, during the holiday season, UPS hires driver helpers to help with the increased load of packages. So November to January, I kept busy running all over town delivering packages like Santa :santa:. I’m so out of shape, that during the first week, I’m totally run ragged and every muscle is sore. I’m so thankful I have this opportunity a few months every year to get my blood flowing.


I work at home so I walk on the corridor every day and try to complete 10000 steps or more. It is banned to go out during the weekends here so I keep walking on the corridor. I named myself as a Corridor walker :slight_smile:

Hoping to see the sun soon :stuck_out_tongue:


I stay active by throwing a tennis ball to my Golden doodle, Lexi. She would play fetch 24/7 if I could keep up with her. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks I like to play fetch when she constantly brings the ball to me to throw it :joy::joy::joy:


I stay active at work walking 10 hours every day with my job as service operator I’m required to be on my feet running a unit that makes supplies for the military. The plant is a assembly line of dedicated hard working girls paid based on production and I’m in charge of running it smooth and fast keeping work going or I will not have a good day to say the least :joy: I’m not sure if you know what it’s like to have 25 angry females depending on you to get them their work mad cause you got them
waiting for their work, you fear for your life as you feel Sharp piercing eyes ripping out your soul :joy: so I stay on the move


I stay active allot I take care of older family members, do to covid get their groceries and walk the neighbors dogs plus I work for a sober house and gather from food pantries to give to does that have health issues for evergreen sober living ,


Je crois que le concours est termine.
Je suis reste active en prenant soin de mes proches et leurs apporatant mon soutiens


Even if it is tough during the confinement. We stay active by working out at home.


I get my steps in my taking my husky for a walk and play in the snow. I also go hiking and/or hunting in the woods. I’m actually finding it easier to get my steps in with the lockdown and such because exercise is one of the allowed reasons to be out (in my location). So I haven’t found the pandemic gets in the way of my active life


Despite the giveaway being over for awhile now, people are still posting here :upside_down_face: