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I knew if I sent my kids the app then they would help me keep up with walking and getting healthy. So now that I have my kids participating i know if one of use tries to ditch, the other is going to motivate!! Everyone in my house is using the app!:partying_face::wink:


I download a programme and WAAAAAAALK. I also walk to work saving on money and walk from my spanish classes. I am about to make a walking Spotify playlist!


I try to find time to activate nowadays because it’s kinda difficult for me to come along with both my studies and workout. But I try my best to stay healthy and also to be a part of sweatcoin’s community in order to be able to win any kind of prizes you offer! Thanks a lot that you keep motivating me as long as it’s possible!


I have been mainly helping my stepdad load and unload pallets and chop firewood to retain some form of activity during these trying times


Good luck to us all guys…:metal::metal::wink::wink::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::slight_smile::slight_smile:


About 30 days ago I created ‘The Solo Jumping-jack-a-thon’: a DIY alone at-home self-quarantine jumping jack competition where basically a day is a day if I wake up for it and whenever it’s a day I do jumping jacks, I have to do a total of the same amount or more jumping jacks than I did on whatever the day I last did them on was.


That’s so cool didn’t no that at all


Ich war aktiv, indem ich jeden Tag 2 Runden über den Berg bei uns gehe. Das sind ungefähr 20000-25000 Schritte pro Tag.


I’m brand new to Sweatcoin. I live in a coastal town in Washington State. To decrease my carbon footprint and monthly expenses I walk & ride the bus.
I walk roughly 10 miles a day if not more.

In 1998 I had a stroke when I was 35. While I can get tired and then limp slightly. I LOVE THE SCENERY WHERE I LIVE, AND GETTING LOTS OF FRESH AIR. I RESIST GETTING RIDES FROM NEIGHBORS UNLESS ITS RAINING.


Ben isim geregi cok hareket ediyorum. Ve dinledigim yer biaz uzak bunu her gun yapiyorum. Isim ise mermer işçisiyim.




As a Software Engineer I have to go out of my way to plan physical activity since I spend most of my time on the computer. BUT, during the holiday season, UPS hires driver helpers to help with the increased load of packages. So November to January, I kept busy running all over town delivering packages like Santa :santa:. I’m so out of shape, that during the first week, I’m totally run ragged and every muscle is sore. I’m so thankful I have this opportunity a few months every year to get my blood flowing.


I work at home so I walk on the corridor every day and try to complete 10000 steps or more. It is banned to go out during the weekends here so I keep walking on the corridor. I named myself as a Corridor walker :slight_smile:

Hoping to see the sun soon :stuck_out_tongue:


I stay active by throwing a tennis ball to my Golden doodle, Lexi. She would play fetch 24/7 if I could keep up with her. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks I like to play fetch when she constantly brings the ball to me to throw it :joy::joy::joy: