Sweatcoin Giveaway! 🤑 1000 Coins!


@ISh98 should we start flagging it for that reason? I’m new here so I’m no sure if that’s a good idea


Well, the event was concluded in mid-2020 and in all forums I’ve been to they are usually locked after that.


I do my best to active every day,i set my goals and keep walking :blush: Have a nice and active day!


I am a disabled war veteran! I live in Ukraine on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov! When the weather is warm I walk 15000-18000 steps. Now it is very cold, therefore more than 7000 steps are not possible, and the Gym is not protected))


I always climb the stairs never use the elevator. I go to the gym in the :night_with_stars:, but i think :thinking: running after my 3 kiddies gives me the most exercise of all :rofl::sleeping:


I run a lot in videogames :sunglasses::brain:


As a professional basketball player I do at least 6 hours of basketball a day and the rest I either jog in the forrest or just go for a walk in the park, occasionally go for a swim.


Who you play for mate?


I like how people still trying to get dat 1000 sweatcoins


there’s panic buying because it has the ability to also be used as a fantastic multi purpose decorating supply. it’s well known that using toilet paper as decor is the simplest/most cost efficient update you can make to add a touch of class and emphasize all the best qualities of a space.

That being said - go buy out all your local stores and possibly if needed drive to even towns far away to buy all the supply you can find there! If needed - rent a larger vehicle to ensure you can fit all the rolls you are able to buy and get to decorating !!!

(Pics of your before and after decorating are a must)


Hi @lindsey
I completely forgot this conversation apparently took a very odd shape at some point. Reading back, I suppose I should hold my hand up to this being a result of one of my daft comments. My mother always used to tell me “Please engage brain before speaking”, she never said anything about anything thinking before writing.

Now I find myself with a veritable plethora of daft comments in mind. I already know that I am compelled to write at least one of these. So a Youtube link it must be…

Who painted Mark Zuckerberg’s face with poop?


I’ve been doing the household chores and for my morning and noon walking exercise and if I’m not quite busy I go to a walk And jog. It’s most important that I’m having sweatcoin while studying and it’s a great time management.


Well ive been staying active by doing my morning stretches. Then walk my lil man to the bus stop. Come back home do my definition workout to stay cut/ripped lol. Some days ill walk to town and then go play ball. Other days ill do laps around the house and yard then rest and play the game lol.


By going to the gym, doing yoga everyday and cleaning the house :sweat_smile:.


Hi, I work clearing snow by hand at night. I can have as high as 20,000 steps. Beside who couldn’t use free coins!


I am running everyday about 7-9km and walking another 5km. I am feeling better since I am doing so much exercise. Maybe is not much for others but for me it’s a very big deal because before I wasn’t doing any walks or runs. I love to be active!


I keep active by going for a 20 minute run around the block. Before we went into lockdown I was going to the gym doling at least 2-3 hours. This involves running muscle training and also badminton. Just waiting for lockdown to end so I can get back to it…


I love going for walks to adventure around our new town and to see the ocean.


I was collecting Poke coins but I’m finding Sweatcoin much more fun. I only do about 8k in steps per day but its been rising steadily. Is it wrong that I check my Sweatcoin balance more than once a day??


I enjoy walking my 2 FurBabies… I live in a neighborhood near a huge patch of woods and a few houses, so it’s extremely easy to get lost in the beautiful day and I end up walking around the entire stretch for between a mile and 3 miles!!