Sweatcoin Giveaway! 250 Coins! 💸


Hey Sweatcoiners!
We’re excited to announce another Sweatcoin Giveaway! :money_mouth_face:

With lockdown rules being relaxed, we think it’s time to get back out there and exercise outdoors
(safely, of course :slight_smile: )
So - we’re giving away 250 coins in this challenge!

We have recently made a blog post about the importance of correct footwear when walking - we’d like to find out what you wear to stay comfortable and protected on your walks!

Simply take a photo of your favourite pair when walking - be creative!

There will be 5 winners of 50 coins - and the winners will be chosen on Monday the 29th!


The most of the Sweatcoins I earn by running. Sometimes longer distances, sometimes shorter but the main aspect is the running. So I decided to share a photo of my new running, which I got two weeks ago. The shoes name/type: Saucony type a9image


Best pair ever


I guess it depends on the season. During winter, my 7 year old Doc Martens boots who have at least 5 holes on the leather were my favourite pair. I guess after this much time, it has my feet’s shape! But right now during summer I like my Nike flex ones.


I usually wear my Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 7 4E, but every now and then I go back to my skechers. I also wear the Vox insoles which help a lot.


The Saucony’s shoes are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever wear. They are best to walk, race even bicycle. Also the design is cool and fresh style.




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These boots were made for walking - and walking, and walking, and walking…

I get about 650-700 miles out of a pair, and cover an average of 2,400 mile a year (work time plus commutes). So I’m requesting 3 or 4 pairs a year, which often get refused on first request as we’re officially only allowed 2 pairs every 12 months :open_mouth:


These are my beloved Hanwags.
They are close to doing a million step in 1 month. (See second pic)
I think i Will be hitting my millionth step on monday the 29th, 50 sweatcoins Will be at Nice gift for celebrating :hugs:

I edited my picture, i Read now i need to be walking in them


Congratulations on the first million, may there be many more :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Has to be the most tactile answer. Although I have to admit I prefer to at least use barefoot trail shoes. Around and about you never know what you steppin on.

You got my vote​:sunglasses::+1:t4:
Or at least you would if that was how it was to work :rofl:


I don’t think I would like to guess how many pairs of trainers I have actually been through in the past three years. I was actually keeping them as a reminder but finally decided that having two large wheely bin bags full of knackered trainers was just not practical. I went through them and those that weren’t physically damaged but were retired purely through tread wear, I paired up, washed and donated to the local clothing collection. Thankfully, this was most of them as most of my trainers I keep tabs on milage and retire either when the tread is worn out or after 800-1000 miles depending on what I have in the bank to replace them. Most End up retired when at first glance, I still look like to have just come out of the box. Then you turn them over…

For the past two years I have used the Asics Gel-Kayano models from 24-26 and the multitude of variants. Some variants are perfect for nighttime activities as they use some reflective, High visibility materials in some parts. I have to admit, when I first ended up with a pair of one of the “Lite Show” models, I thought it was a bit of a gimmick but in honesty, excellent idea.

During lockdown, a lot of my activity switched to the treadmill so trainers have lasted a lot longer with the running belt not being as harsh as road surfaces. However, at the beginning of this week the lack of tread and wet roads Lead to a little slippage and I went from running to flying and ended up with a bit of nasty road rash and burns down my arms and legs. Consequently, I ordered a replacement pair of the “GelKayano26 Platinum edition”. As always, I replaced the insoles immediately with the Sorbathane Double Impact insoles and took them out for the first test run yesterday afternoon. As expected, perfectly comfortable and responsive. I love the shoes in particular as from step one, the breathability and comfort is amazing, the mid support is awesome and The foam construction feeds back to give the extra spring per step. Even more amazing about these shoes is that even when used to ultra distances over 80-100km the comfort stays consistent from start to finish. No need to change shoes or take them off for a bit of a break… they just go and go…

Unfortunately, as my feet are a size that would make a Yeti blush. So inevitably, The choice in colours is somewhat limited. The latest pair are white with gold trim, which is obviously not too practical but Yeti’s can’t be choosers.





These Jandals can be slipped on an off in half a second, have ultimate protection from foot odors and heat, can also be used as Frisbee’s.
I use them when going to a quick walk in breaks.


These are my currently most used pairs of shoes. I really like barefoot shoes and adore my Vibrams but I keep running holes in them. I do tend to wear all my shoes until they’re literally falling apart so most shoes don’t last more than 2-3 years.

I have attempted some repair jobs but I walk so much that it doesn’t tend to last very long. I think I’ll have to give in and find some new pairs of shoes soon. I really adore these particularly model of Vivo Barefoot shoes so it’s going to really hurt to give them up.


Google Photos

This is my favourite boots on top of Pen y fan,
One of my favourite walks in South Wales.
They are my Gilerts boots that were about £30, pretty waterproof and with grips like a 4x4 truck.
They have done many comfortable miles & have many left in them. Hopefully lock down restrictions will allow me to go walking again soon! :crossed_fingers::+1::+1:


I take my adidas (with my name on them) walking everywhere I go. On the photo they’re in Istanbul, on a boat crossing the river. They’re really comfortable and black, so they go with everything.

This is such a cool competition.

Thanks everyone.