Sweatcoin Giveaway! 250 Coins! 💸


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These are my Michelin Royal Mail shoes. They get a fair bit of mileage on a daily basis,but last at least 6 months before re ordering the same ones. And they don’t need much breaking in




One word… TIMS!


Thank you all for your submissions!
There are some great photos here - we’re going to be taking a look and will announce winners tomorrow!


Thank you all for your great posts!
Time to reveal the winners :smiley:

You have all won 50 coins each! :happyswc:
Please reply with your username (or DM me) and your coins will be sent within 24 hours :smiley:

Feel free to keep the photos coming! We may give out extra prizes for most creative :wink:


Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

My username is @cheryl117170


Thankyou for the 50 coins. This is Woxof38 @george564326


Woohoo thx.
I am so happy i found this app. :star_struck:



Yayyy!!! That’s awesome! Thank you.

My username is SarahBH19



My username is VETONBREZNICA.

Thank you.



Congratulations to all the lucky winners of this Giveaway! Personally, I have found it really quite interesting to see the wide variety of feet that get used to generate all the Sweatcoins :sunglasses::+1:t4:

FYI - No, It isn’t a foot fetish :man_facepalming:


Yes! Congrats to all, all worthy winners.
Keep on stepping all :+1::+1:


All rewards have been sent! Thanks to everyone who participated :smiley: