Sweatcoin Giveaway! 💰


Hey Super Sweatcoiners,

As a holiday treat, we’re excited to introduce a special forum giveaway!

We’d love to see you out and about and see where you all love to walk, so… If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning 75 Sweatcoins to boost your earnings, simply reply to this thread with a pic of where you’re walking (selfies always welcome!).

We will choose our favourite 3 and reward those members with 75 Sweatcoins to enjoy.

Winners will be announced and awarded once we have received 25 pics… so get snapping!

Here’s one of my personal favourite places to walk… taken at Roundhay Park in Leeds (England):

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Limassol, Molos.
Next to the Sea, and only 25-30 minutes away from my house (walking).


I need help with my account I can’t log in to my old account with my new number it says account suspicious or acces denied


The Middlebrook Valley Trail, Bolton
Obviously not the only place my feet have taken me this weekend but a pleasant little trek and following the trail from one end of the trail to the other more than covers the steps to convert into 20 Sweatcoins to max out the Breaker Subscription daily earn.
My apologies for the pictures being an instagram layout composition but standard photos were way too large to upload.


Hello! I am @iamrhinovlogs from Instagram! This is Lake Erie in Ohio in the United States! I love to run here and get some sweatcoins! :v::+1:


Hi I’m @giorgiocaffe, I’m an Italian student currently in Norway since January, as an exchange student. In these 4 months I have walked in many places, here some highlights:


A picture I took in the summer break 2018 with my brand new OnePlus 6 when I just downloaded Sweatcoin. It was on that vacation in Norway that I discovered Sweatcoin :grin: It was a long walk and we didn’t really follow the trail because there really wasn’t one. A little excitement hihi :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Azkorri beach walk, Bilbao, Spain
Its amazing going walking next to the cliff during all the walk with this amazing views i love walking around here almost daily


Love the sun popping out and reflecting on the water! :sunglasses:


Hi, i am Jana and this is my favorite stroll. Look at that view! Isn’t that breathtaking? Also place where I currently work - Mohonk Mountain House :heart:


This is a beautiful trail in Napa, California


I love getting my sweatcoins while running up the hills at Kuring-gai National Park in Sydney, Australia!


Hey hello my name is Thomas and I live in France, here are some places I visited recently in France with which I was able to win some Sweatcoins :slight_smile:Uploading: AFD79579-047E-4590-9BCA-4D7B12417C1A.jpeg… Uploading: 3ACA6CC3-E63C-44F9-811C-BFD3D3EAF11B.jpeg… Uploading: E39268BF-952E-4470-8541-722259EC41F5.jpeg…



Here’s Costa del Este, Panama, Latinamerica


Yeşilköy-Istanbul/Turkey winter and spring.


This is just a breezy day in the park at sun down! ( Lynn, Mass ).


Feathers at sundown near the beach. ( Lynn, Mass ).