Sweatcoin Giveaway! πŸ’°


Hi. Even though the competition ended can we still send pictures in? Thanks.


Hey! Of course you can :slight_smile:


Where is the trouble maker.


May we have another giveaway cause I want to win sweatcoins so by any chance can you maybe make a giveaway?


Hi, im 1st time here


Walking the beautiful mountains in Arizona around Flagstaff


Go home and stay in doors. That’s not essential


Exercise is extremely essential! Especially when you’re doing it solo during the pandemic :wink:


I agree, exercise is essential. However, at the moment it’s best to do it indoors to keep yourself and others safe.



Germany, Herzogenrath :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Love getting out and about in my local area.


My kids and me loves walking and working in pur Scout Wood! :heart_eyes::evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree::fire:image


Night walks in Zagreb, Croatia :slight_smile:


Hi all.

Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa, Went for a early morning walk in delta park and took this picture.



Nice photo my dear well done


A stray dog encounter during one of my walks


Be careful. Stray dogs in turkey use to
Follow me lol


They follow me too but only for a short distance


Beautiful weather and a amazing view. I would make alot of cash there…