Sweatcoin groups feature thoughts regarding the feature


Good evening sweatcoin community

So its been A little while now that groups have been around and with everyone using the groups feature I think its time to make this post…

In this post today I am going to be discussing my thoughts on the group’s feature and suggestions for it to be improved so let’s begin.

Be sure to share your thoughts and idea’s in the comments below lets get the devs reading in :wink:

I and many others have been crying out for a more social experience on sweatcoin and this update has certainly fulfilled that.

Setup and overall layout

The setup to creating a group is simple and quick im very happy with the simplicity of not only creating but joining groups with a simple click. I am also happy with the layout with its quick navigation through each tab.


The ability to create challenges in the group is also very good again with simple setup and easy engagement. It is a great feature for small competitiveness within groups :slight_smile:

So although I’m happy with the update there is of course room for improvement Here are my ideas now.

All time steps leaderboard

The daily and weekly leaderboards are great but what I would love personally is a leaderboard for all steps walked whilst a member of the group. Just for those that like to brag hehe.

Setting up multiple challenges and changing challenge conditions

Right now we can only set up 1 challenge at a time I think a change is needed to let leaders set up multiple challenges throughout the week without having to wait for one to end. I would also welcome a change where we could change the duration of the challenges.

Of course, the change needs to be minimal to prevent spamming challenges in the same day but maybe setting up a challenge every couple days in advance especially when only 1 user can set up a challenge would be a positive change.

customise colours of group tab and membership level displayed next to each members name

I like that tabs and the layout but for me, the white boxes with the same blue background do make it a little dull. An option to have custom box colours in the group’s tab would be a welcome change. having the membership level being displayed next to each users name would also add to the diversity between each user in the group.

Group VS Group leaderboards

Bit more of a bolder idea but how about A leaderboard of the top 10 groups around the world with the combined total converted steps from each member in the group. this encourages the group to not only compete against each other but work together to get one over another group.

That concludes my ideas for possible improvement of the group feature

Looking for a group?

Come join mine we are growing by the day!

22 members and counting :slight_smile:

Shoutout to these awesome members already chasing that crown

come join the group here

Thanks for reading

get in touch below of your thoughts and ideas :slight_smile:


Damn bro i just realized i am first in this group


Awesome work! :smiley: that’s some great steps there


I haven’t got these groups?


Once you join a group the feature will appear on your app.


I can’t see anyone’s groups to join.


It should be on the app. Lol


ChrisUK has opened a thread inviting users to a Sweatcoin Warriors Group.

However, users are more than welcome to join the Phatt.Pheet Group. For obvious reasons I don’t set challenges but all are welcome to have a nosey :sunglasses::+1:t4: