Sweatcoin guilds


Good evening all

who wants a crazy idea?

Before we start i have talked about this feature a couple times before but in this post suggestion i want to make it as simple as possible so it could be considered realistically achievable for the sweatcoin team to add.

Sweatcoin guilds

just like clans and groups, guilds are groups of sweatcoiners that can join together

here is my pledge for the idea…

When creating a guild it will have an upfront cost of X amount of sweatcoin (to prevent spam) you can choose a name, add a small description and customise the guild logo. The logo will not only appear in the guild but every user in the guild will have the option to represent the logo on their profile.

A Guild will have a maximum of 50 members that can be invited by the leader or promoted members or request to join.

Features of the guild

Leader boards There will be a global leader board that will consist of the top 100 guilds the Leader board will be based on verified steps. So to simply climb up the ranks you can just walk and every verified step will tally up towards the overall steps in the guild (for example a guild has 4 members and each member walks and gets 20k verified steps together they would have achieved 80k steps which will then automatically add to the current verified steps of the guild) The leader boards won’t reset ever and steps before joining a guild will not be counted so everyone can start off somewhat equal.

chat box users will be able to communicate with each other in a very basic chat room.

This concludes my idea. I personally have always wanted to see the leader board or updates tab to make a return and if this was implemented i believe it would add a competitive aspect towards sweatcoin.

A crazy crazy idea I know but… could it work :wink: Let me know below.


Well you can kind of already do that… just have everyone follow each other