Sweatcoin Marathon Offers


Hi guys. Has anyone got one of the marathon offers? :smile:


Yep! We’ve had numerous people claim them :slight_smile:


@Ashton I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I wanted to hear from users like me and many others. I mean, I don’t think that the staff of sweatcoin would throw stones against their own roof… :expressionless:


Welp - I wouldn’t lie to you :stuck_out_tongue: There are loads of people who have claimed them, I believe @Cookie66 has :slight_smile:


I sure did and money was in my paypal in a matter of days :grin: it’s not a get rich quick thing tho will take some real effort but will be worth it for your health and prize.


I don’t trust Sweatcoin on any claim


Sweatcoin have been 100% every time


Hi, question regarding subscription offer. The bark box for example 7.99 so if I purchase that am I paying cash out of pocket the following months or is it coming out of my sweatcoins?


Hi @Tsim
You can read any details for the offer in the description. The time it lasts is usually displayed clearly, and after that runs out then it’s back to normal price.


Got 12k coins so far, 8000 to go. Only issue is back at the start both me and wife had accounts on different devices. She transferred her few coins when she gave up with app. Now means I can’t but marathon offers as coins aren’t all earned by me


You can still buy the marathon offers, just can’t use the coins from your wife. If you’re on iOS you can see how many you’ve earned :slight_smile: