Sweatcoin not being converted


My phone tracks like 20000 steps but nothing gets converted. Ive been using this app for the past week and im getting frustrated on knowing whats happening. I walk all day at work for 12 hours and look at the app every now and then. I see i have a lot of steps but none are countes.


This addresses something I was curious about, is it only steps outdoors? That’s not really fair to people who work indoors, but have to walk a lot, especially if the GPS still shows that they’re walking. I think steps indoors should be counted, at least if it’s clear that they’re walking around, and not just going from the couch to the fridge :joy:


Hi @Eddiereddie ! Please check out this article for help with step conversion: Click Here!

@JordanVA So while we don’t “block” out indoor steps, it is a lot harder for the algorithm to verify them, as the GPS signal is a lot weaker so there’s not enough data.


Ah, that makes sense. So if you work in a warehouse or where you walk a lot (I don’t), and you have a strong signal, the app would still convert some steps.


Yeah, but the conversion most likely won’t be as good as outdoors.