Sweatcoin not converting any of my steps


Every since I updated to the latest version, which is able to track indoor steps, 0% of my steps have been converted. Location services are always on for Sweatcoin and I didn’t change any settings. It’s been like this for about a month. Help needed!


I am having the exact same issue x2 months. I have an iPhone8 which has the latest iOS update. GPS and location service always on, the steps are recognized but none are converted? And not every day, some days are fine. Some days I have few steps and many converted, some days I have many steps and only a few converted, and some days I have zero steps converted regardless of actual steps. Help! This is just silly with its randomness. !




At least you have some converted. I haven’t had any converted in months!! And still no response from the Sweatcoin team… https://www.dropbox.com/h?preview=Month%232.png


Have you heard anything about this issue or a possible fix?? I’m about to give up and just uninstall this piece of crap that seems to have no way of getting any help or submitting the issue to a dev. Just a bunch of people proving to each other that they are all having the same issues. Super frustrating




Hey! Please check out this post for tips with step conversion: