Sweatcoin not linking to googlefit


Hi. When I recently opened the app it requested a link to googlefit. All I get is a white screen and circle.

Any ideas on how to solve this. I’m using the same email address for both sweatcoin and googlefit which is already installed

Difficulty connecting Gfit with sweatcoin. Android

Had the same problem crop up today in Sweatcoin and MyFitnessPal. Discovered it’s due to having a gmail account that ends “googlemail” and not “gmail” so needed to login to gmail and change it.

To do this search gmail in a web browser.
Go to mail settings.
Go to “accounts and import” tab
Find “Send as” for your gmail account
Use link "change to @gmail.com and confirm.

Next loginto gmail with the new email address and you should be good to go.

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