Sweatcoin not listed under Location Settings


My wife has an iPhoneXr and Apple Watch 3, for some reason the watch app keeps telling me to enable Location Services. When I go look under Privacy/Location Services I cannot see the Sweatcoin app anywhere. When I look at my iPhone Xs I can see it under Privacy / Location Services.

Any idea what could be wrong?


Same problem here. The odd thing is that if you check prefs on the watch, you will probably find Sweatcoin under location services there…


Did you manage to edit location services from your AW? Because I can’t.


Nope! I figure that must be managed in the phone prefs…


Cant change it on the AW either, greyed out. So frustrating.



@khmelev - Good to know but I’m experiencing this problem with AW4. Also, it is on my iPhone location services doesn’t pick up on Sweatcoin. I’ve seen the prefs on my friends phone. When turned on to “always” the watch app works flawless. On my phone Sweatcoin isn’t even an option under location services.