Sweatcoin points glitch and question on “steps” for kayaking


On June 11 my Sweatcoins earned from walking registered normally (about 10), and I got 3 bonus coins watching ads, which require minimum steps to get all three bonuses. They registered normally.

On June 12 I did the 2x boost early in an 1.5 hour walk by running for the full 20 minutes. The app spent the next hour trying to convert. I had cellular data turned off, so the conversion just spun in circles the whole time and almost ran my cell phone battery down. When I got home in Wi-Fi range, it converted to about 16 Sweatcoins, so I was thrilled my boost allowed exceeding my 15 Sweatcoin Quaker maximum. Then I got another 4.5 Sweatcoins by watching adds and 2.94 boost bonus.

Today, June 13, I opened up the app and hit the boost to run 20 minutes and it was frozen in the 6 Sweatcoins earned the previous day for boost, not allowing me to boost again. I switched to cellular data, boost cleared, became available and everything seemed to work fine, except when I got home and watched the ads for extras, I noticed my previous two days Sweatcoins went to zero total.

The history of watching 3 ads for Sweatcoins retained for June 11 and 12 as well as my boost for June 12, but my converted steps showed zero as if I didn’t earn anything. On the 12th, I also mapped my 5.36 mile continuous run/walk in the Strava app, so have proof of the time and distance.

Is there any way to “re-find” these Steps/Sweatcoins and add them back? They were worth about 27 Sweatcoins total (excluding boosts and bonuses, which appear to still be credited).

Also weird thing about the boost. My pre-boost allowable converted steps is a fixed amount less than the total listed (I get that), but while I am still walking in continued activity, it seems to discount a lot of steps in the continuing walk (like maybe it is not counting while attempting to convert?). I also found while riding the bicycle, that I got more Sweatcoins not having the app on and allowing it to draw from Apple data than using boost during an extended ride (it discounted other cycling rotations much more than the boost made up for). Thus, I won’t use boost or have Sweatcoin open while bicycling (maybe I exceeded 10 mph so they didn’t count?).

I also found that if I strap my phone to my arm when paddling in a kayak, Apple and other apps (like Pacer) will count paddling arm rotations, but Sweatcoin will not allow conversions of these “steps”, which actually take a whole lot more energy, but are much slower than walking. I paddle for 3 to 6 hours once a week, versus walking or bicycling for maybe 1.5 hours on other days. Any chance kayaking or canoeing can be added as a selected activity so the app knows it is a slower but acceptable cadence? I keep forgetting to click on the 20 minute exercise, which could at least get 5 Sweatcoins during these activities that otherwise don’t count.



My points came back today on its own or by intervention, so thanks! Still curious about trying to get points kayaking.


Hi! That’s really interesting actually - Kayaking would be amazing to work with sweatcoin.
Right now, Sweatcoin only officially works with walking, however jogging / running / cycling also works due to the nature of the sport and it’s very similar movement patterns.

Kayaking would have different speeds and movement patterns to walking, one very quick example could simply be a wave knocking you back. This could throw the conversion since while you’re paddling, technically you made no movement.

It’s a really interesting topic - I’ll have to bring it up to the devs in a meeting and see if sports like this could be better supported :smiley:


Boost won’t give you 5 Sweatcoins extra - it just credits you for the steps it approves within than 20 minutes at a higher rate (so you basically get them approved an extra time at single rate).

Prior to Boost the ‘be active for 20 minutes’ thing which used trust (so we could do things like yoga and pilates at home) was a straight 5 coins credit - but that’s now gone.


Further issues found with boost. Yesterday I rode my bike 14 miles (only got about 6000 steps converted into Sweatcoins). I did not have Sweatcoin on, but it used my iPhone equivalent steps. Then I ran about 2 miles with Sweatcoin open and boost on. It counted just over 3000 steps in the 20 minutes, then it converted it down to 2200 steps and doubled that, this only giving me a 1.5x actual boost. Then overnight it decided I would only get a total step count from my boost steps, removing my first 6000+ bicycling and earlier walking steps and my additional bicycled mile home after that.

I do much better at the end of the day ignoring these “extras” and sticking with letting Sweatcoin strictly analyze my iPhone accumulated steps.


Now several hours later (after midnight), it corrected itself again, so I have to quit looking backwards.


@UncleSuperDave would be super helpful if you could post screenshots with what you think not working/showing correctly. Moreover, if you’re in doubts, check your wallet and conversion history in your wallet and if it shows zero there as well. It might just be an UX issue, we never take sweatcoins back once issued.


my phone screenshots were rejected on size. I tried to email, but was rejected as a no-reply. I have the evidence if you could email me from an address I can reply to.


Please, use any service which can shrink image, like https://imagecompressor.com/


Ok, I realized I could email pics to myself and the email within the iPhone allowed me to reduce size. So now I can post at low quality. I only see upload names, so cannot tell if they are in the proper order.

image image image

There are three pictures. One is the morning after I earned Sweatcoins through steps and boost (11:42am). It shows accumulated points from June 16, the previous day. At 10:04pm the same day (still looking back at June 16), it shows 0 points earned and steps taken. Two days later, but still looking back at June 16, the steps changed from original, but it put back the points that originally accumulated.

This is what I’m talking about as a glitch. Both steps and points often disappear when I look back to the previous day (usually late in the evening before going to bed). But do eventually reappear.

It is demoralizing when I made an extra effort just for Sweatcoins and then appear to get zero credit for the whole day, at least for a while. I do not track total earned Sweatcoins day to day, so don’t know if the glitch is only on this screen or if total also temporarily reduces. Thanks.