Sweatcoin prizes


Noticed today. Earphone 2.4K sweatcoins worth £150!

Love these offers. Value for your coin. Bring back the beryl bike lights too lol.

Loving the new prizes popping up!!!


Are there different prizes for different regions or my store hasn’t been updated yet? :confused:


I’m UK. Offers are different for me then for what it would be for someone in USA/CAD


Okay, tnx! Didn’t know that


@Phatt.One I’m right about this?


Yep! Different regions will have a separate marketplace, as some vendors won’t be able to deliver internationally etc :slight_smile:


When will PayPal/gift cards be coming also when will marathon offers like Disney olufsen headphones etc Change??? Been months mate.


Hey - marathon offers are meant to be something users can aspire to get and work towards it over a period of time.
If we were changing marathon offers regularly like the daily offers, users wouldn’t get the chance to work towards it properly and improve their health along the way :slight_smile:


@Kyle93 bein rude or ignorin. I believe @Ashton has beaten me to it :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Yeah but we should have a choice to refresh offers like the marathon ones like a catalog as such?