Sweatcoin ranking


is there a ranking system that shows you what % you are out of all sweatcoin users either per day per month or per year?


In the weekly payslip there is a ranking group percentage shown. Although I don’t know over what time period this is actually applicable.


This is my payslip received last Sunday. You can see here that my ranking is within the top 10% of users.


Hi phatt.one, how do you get to weekly payslip in the app?


Unless, you opted out of receiving emails from Sweatcoin, this should drop into your registered email inbox. Have a check of your spam/junk as there is every chance it may be redirected to junk.

I didn’t get my payslips for a while but managed to get it sorted in the end :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Thanks. Knowing me I probably opted out of everything :slight_smile: will have to try and find the settings.


Your is more likely to be the top 1% of all SWC members.
A more accurate top 10% member will be like me in the range of around 175k steps weekly

I notice you have this extra column that state ‘‘vs BEFORE SWEATCOIN’’ may I know how do you activate or have that ???


Hi @Eamtan
Lol, It’s a big world out there, I honestly can’t imagine that I would rank within the top 1% but the consideration is appreciated :sunglasses::+1:t4:

I’ve got no idea why I have the Before Sweatcoin entry on my payslip. It isn’t anything I have requested or that I opted into.


Hi Phatt,

Not to call yourself in the top 1% is an (admittedly nice and humble) understatement from your side.

I would even assume that you could be within the (numerical) top 5 of all sweatcoiners on this Planet. With your daily average of 60 to 90k steps you are waaaayyy off (I.e. 2x to 3x) of every auction winners profile what I have seen so far - and these guys are already the top of the tops.

So great work Phatt, you are really a walking machine :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards Hans


yeah i only average around 180k steps per week


@Hansi2019 @trent500330

Honestly, I do appreciate the encouraging comments and speculation about ranking.

For most of us is encouraging and interesting to see an update of ranking and try to move up to the next ranking bracket, just as it was to see your name climb the leaderboard of friends that used to be shown in the app. However, in my opinion, it doesn’t really matter in which bracket we are ranked, the important thing is staying healthy and active with regular sensible daily exercise.

The exercise I put in each day is definitely not could be considered for most to be sensible or healthy. Certainly, not an example to be followed. I think the only reason I’ve actually succeeded in completing some of the really stupid goals I’ve set myself over the past 12 months is that I’ve been too stubborn to stop pushing when I really should have stopped. I’m definitely not an athlete, I don’t consider what I do to be “training”. How I’ve not ended up causing myself more injuries than one instance “runners knee” (possibly two instances with the twinge in my knee coming back down from last two weeks of stupidity) and landing myself back using the walking stick again is a complete mystery.


Well said Phatt, fully agree with you :slightly_smiling_face:

Stay healthy and keep pushing!



I cant find where to opt in or out, is it on the app somewhere ?