Sweatcoin Rewards


Hi I got to 20k and claimed my reward, how long do rewards usually take? It’s the first I’ve claimed so I’m not sure… it’s been just over 30days now so just thought I’d ask thanks!


Should be 30 days. If it’s after 30, email Lola


What prize did you claim?


It’s was the tv but it says I get a cash alternative when I claimed upto the value of the tv


Thanks I will try I emailed once about something but had no reply so il try again


If your UK should be about £500-650


Well done Sophie - really good achievement :smile::smile:


That would be brilliant if it was


Thanks so much!!! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I believe it’s £499 after having a


Congratulations on your reward! You earned it!


Well done! I recently claimed the tv, I received £549. Takes a little while to process, but should be any time now I should imagine. Have you had an email from Transferwise?


That’s brilliant, I haven’t had an email I completed the form to claim and and asked for it be paid by PayPal but nothing so far, I emailed Lola yesterday so waiting on a reply

Thanks a lot!!!!!    🙂🙂


That would be brilliant if i receive that thanks for checking


Did you ever get your tv.


Or the same value money as it


Yes thanks! in the end I sent a fb message and they replied and sorted it and received £545 …couldn’t believe it when I saw!


I don’t ever see any rewards like that


@DaveUK @Chowdhury_S where has the auction thread / post gone? Was a massive chat on there someone must have deleted… peloton bike on there now looks cool.