Sweatcoin, sadly ..... I am starting to feel if this is another fail app


Base on my computation, I am about 11 days from reaching 20k SWC (base on 50 SWC daily that can be earned for troublemaker status)

So far I have received 3 bigger transfer from 3 personal friends (all I know for years in Singapore who have given up on the app but their total transfer to me is only around 5.3k SWC)

The rest of the transfer (estimate maybe 100 SWC in total) was mainly from unknown players sending mostly 0.01 SWC trying to make friend with me or trying to con my SWC.

Currently I have over 25k SWC (estimated earned by myself is slightly under 20k SWC) but after one bid at 18181.81 on the Samsung Smart TV, I can no longer increase my bid as I do not have enough SWC ?!?!?


  1. Are the daily bonus (watching the 3 adv) or those previously single adv daily counted as part of my personally earned SWC for bidding ?
  2. Are the daily x2 Boost (for 20min exercise) also counted as part of my personal earned SWC for bidding ?
  3. Are the 5 SWC gain from introducing friends to this app counted as part of my personal earned SWC for bidding ?
  4. Are the extra SWC earn for being a trouble maker (x2 conversion up to 25 SWC daily) counted as part of my personal earned SWC for bidding ?
  5. Is my previous bidding of 18,181.81 for the Samsung TV (16 hours ago) allow to be reused to go for a higher bid ?

If the answer is YES for all the 5 above questions, that why is it that I can not longer place a higher bid ? I am very sure I have PRESONALLY EARNED over 19,500 SWC for bidding if all the above 5 answers are YES

As I am using a Samsung S10 HP (not apple phone), there is no breakdown of personal earned SWC available for me to depend upon except personally computation.

Base on previous Marathon reward screen, it was mention that it is achievable within 2 years.
I am from Singapore and is one of the first few to join the app on 5th Dec 2018 when it is available here and till date, it is still under 2 years but shouldn’t the Marathon reward be fair enough to stay at least 2 years for fellow members like me to have a go before being convert into Auction base ???

If assuming every year, another 100 members achieve 20k SWC and the auction only offer 50 Samsung Smart TV (or equivalent value) yearly for bidding … in the long run, there will be more and more achiever with enough SWC but might forever not able to win any Smart TV (or equivalent).

Is this the intention of the app to introduce bidding so that late comer will very likely to stay at the bottom of this pyramid shape food chain to entertain those at the top ?

Your input, comments and advise please!!


Lol contract with sweatcoin


Mental lol. Good luck if you do win the tv.


Hey there!
The answer is yes to all 5 questions there - they count towards earned coins.
Could you please send me your username and i’ll check your earned coins for you :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind that the auctions are being tested right now, so the feature may have some bugs that we need to squish! Thanks for bringing it up, our developers will take a look for any behind the scenes issue :smiley:


Can you check my earned coins too pal. kyleom93 is my username


Also. Will auctions be staying permanently.


Most likely those are auction bugs that don’t count multipliers and daily bonuses because they should be counted as earned SWC.

It’s indeed a bummer, but since it’s an auction, you don’t lose anything unless you win.
I personally don’t see it as a major problem.


Would help if earned coins were the same as account balance though. That’s what baffles me about the daily
Bonus ads etc.


Have message you to request for the earned SWC

I have done a 2nd manual check going through the almost 1 year and 11 months of records and confirm that I definitely have more that 19,700.01 SWC to over bid the winner for the Samsung Smart TV if I am allow to bid …

Now to the next question :- How genuine are the winner for such bidding ? It is simply quite unbelievable that the diff between the winner and the 2nd place bidder is only a diff of 0.01 SWC

After so many months of exercising with SWC app with daily boost, daily bonus and x2 conversion, how likely are two members only diff by 0.01 SWC in term of their total SWC amount ? For a prize of over 1k USD, I would not feel comfortable to settle with just a 0.01 SWC lead over another tough contender (unless there is a bug again)


You should of been allowed to bid regardless.


Hey - i’ve replied to your DM’s…

I assure you - each bidder is genuine and the winners bid on their own terms.
We can’t force someone to bid more than they have to - when it comes to it, some people may just want to try their luck with the auctions and not be super competitive with pricing, or some may fight over the smallest of sweatcents :smiley:


You can’t bid above the amount you have in your sweatcoin wallet it physically doesn’t let you.


Hi Ashton,

I have tried to message you but was not able to get the message across for the second time.

Your replied stated that I have over 20k SWC earned.
I have tried again to bid but still not able to bid anywhere near 20k SWC, not to mention an amount above 20k.
May I know when can i utilize my ‘‘over 20k SWC’’ to bid ?
Can you officially give my my exact amount that I can bid and by which date can I officially bid with that amount ?

Am I the only one here facing such issue ? (having enough earned SWC but cannot bid ?)
Are there any official staff from SWC app here that can help me out ?

All I wanted is to get something of similar value to the marathon rewards that has motivated me for the past 1 year 11 months and I am willing to throw in every single cent of all future earned SWC just for it.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Hey @Eamtan, @Ashton is from official staff and can always help you out. But this forum is not support forum, but community forum, so be patient, respectful and do not expect immediate response. We have official support channel which has priority over other channels.

So far this issue has been reported once by you. There is clearly a bug which we are trying to figure out. What would be beneficial both for you and for us if you can record a screencast where we can see complete flow starting from opening the app, navigating to auction offer, open bidding screen and trying to make a bid. Record it and upload somewhere and post here a link. This will help us to see if we missed something.

Our records indicate that your current earned balance equals to 20502.88737 sweatcoins, which you can freely bid.


Hi @khmelev what is the official ‘ support ‘ page / website then


Hi @khmelev,

Thank you so much for your response.
I have just exchanged 20k SWC for a Marathon reward as it is surprisingly available again on my app.
(Sorry, not able to screenshot step by step procedure to bid for the auction now)

But I can still clearly remember that I am allow to increase my bid 0.01 SWC one step at a time above the highest bidder.
However, as I intend to clearly out bid the highest bidder by a much bigger margin, I click on the price bid and manually key in 19191.91 SWC and the below screen appear
(I believe it means that I have only 18422.93 SWC to bid as if this is the limit of my earned SWC as registered with the app ?)
With only 18,422.93 SWC that is biddable, I am very certain it is way below my personal earned SWC base on my manual calculation of around 20k earned SWC.
At this biddable figure, I am also pretty certain that I am not likely to win the next few bids as there are clearly maybe half a dozen of members with higher biddable SWC than me.
So when the Marathon reward is available again on my app, I hop onto it before it disappear again permanently. (If the marathon reward can recognize my earned SWC as 20k, why should I wait for another auction when my biddable SWC is still at 18,422.93)

Sorry but I guess this is about all I can help for now.


Pure hassle @Eamtan what prize you going for.


The 75’’ Samsung Smart TV


Yeah decent mate. Good luck to you!


The official support channels are the tickets in-app which you can reach through the help page :slight_smile: