Sweatcoin Scammer


Hello everyone, i just wanted to warn you that there’s a scammer going around convincing people he’ll give you sweatcoins. He contacted me on instagram and told me to send him sweatcoins and he would send me more back.

-His username on instagram was: free_sweatcoin_generator
He has now deleted his account.
-His username on sweatcoin was: stauros956
He has also deleted that account.

This is a warning for any new sweatcoin users: These things are always fake and you should never trust them.
I sent him 10 sweatcoins so i could write this post to warn you all.

Extra information about the scammer:
-His english isn’t very good.
-He’s very demanding and wants you to send the sweatcoins through quickly.
-He has 105K steps.
-He has the Breaker upgrade.
-His bio just says “Hi”

Also i just realized he didn’t delete his sweatcoin account but he changed the username (I can see his new username) so I was wondering if this was bannable or something because he is scamming a bunch of people.
I have screenshots of our conversation so i can prove that he’s scamming.


Why would anyone send 10 SWC to anyone in hope to get more SWC back ? Greed ?
I would only send 0.01 SWC to chat with anyone even if they send me 10 SWC

Currently there is zero use for transferred SWC so those scammer are just wasting their time to scam those SWC newbie …


I didn’t care about getting more SWC. There’s no use, the really good stuff on the app costs like 10K sweatcoins most of the time anyways.
10 SWC takes like 1,5hours to get back anyways.
The real reason that i sent him the SWC was to see if he was scamming people and seeing as he is, i was going to talk to someone to see if his phone number could be blocked from the app or something if it wasn’t allowed.