Sweatcoin should be no sweatcoin


Does anyone has the same problem that Sweatcoin doesn’t credit all the steps when you are running? Sometimes only 50% or less it approved. Today 6,289 steps only 2,158 approved.


Bernie u not the only one… i run 75-85 km a week, and on my runs i get about 25-50% of all steps.
50% is if im really lucky… Sweatcoin does only reward people that stays indoor and using a treamill, istead of the people actually moving outside in nature. wich is much better for a persons health and mental being.


I had this issue for over 6 weeks. I reported the non converting steps, but all I was told, was they was aware of the issue. No apologies or talk of replacing lost coins, roughly 600. As of 3 days ago its started to work again. Awful customer services department they have here!