Sweatcoin stopped counting steps after update



I got the latest updates to the app two days ago. I got excited because it promised greater earnings and revamped daily bonuses. However, I noticed that the very opposite happened. Before the updates, my conversion was around 80-90% of my outdoor steps. Now, since updating, my conversion dropped to 40-50%. Worse yet, the app would stop counting my steps. Normally, i make around 1500 steps from my house to my office. Today I only got 460 steps. And the conversion was a lousy 40-50%. Also, I used to get more coins from the daily bonuses before the latest updates. It’s a bit disapointing. I have tried resetting my device and reinstalling the app, made no difference. I am using an Iphone 6.

Hoping to hear back from you…


I think it’s because of how old your phone is. My iPhone seven had a similar issue, but I have recently purchased an IPhone 11 and I don’t seem to have any issues. I think your phone is starting to go out of date


Thank you, @Bryton_Dorsey. I just thought maybe the developers should have provided an option to revert to the old version of the app since the new algorithm and features would not work with older phones anyway. If we don’t enjoy the indoor steps conversion and other additional features, that is alright, as long as they don’t take away what little benefits we had with the older version of the app. Right now, this feels like everyone else is having a big party, because of the new features, while older phone users like me watch outside in the cold. Is there a way we can go back to the old algorithm?

Thank you.


I also noticed when I checked my profile in this forum that my location was Mexico City, Mexico. I am in the Philippines, though, and I don’t know if it has anything to do with my problem.


Hey @Richardt, thank you for your message. Actually iPhone 6 do not support new indoor algorithm, so everything should work for you as before using old algo. However we see a lot of issues with iOS 13 and Location services which prevents our app to operate correctly. Would you mind to send me your username on Sweatcoin so I can check what is going on with your conversion.


Thank you, sir! My user name is RICHARD449951. Also, I noticed earlier in my profile in the sweatcoin forum that my location was Mexico City, Mexico, which is not correct because I am in the Philippines. I don’t know if it has anything to do with my poor conversion though.

Thank you for this help, sir.


Now my location says Tokyo, Japan. Should I be worried about this?


@Richardt it doesn’t looks bad on our end, conversion seems fine like before. In regard your location on this forum, I believe this forum use IP geocoding not GPS, so it shouldn’t affect.

Would you mind to perform one test for me and report how it went

  1. Go outside with clear view of sky
  2. Open the app, open info screen, force send all the steps and wait for process to complete, so you see 0 steps awaiting
  3. Take a screenshot
  4. Close the app (using Home button) and put it into your pocket
  5. Walk 500 steps (up to 5 min) straight
  6. Open the app, open info screen and take a screenshot with amount of steps awaiting
  7. Force send all the steps and wait for process to complete and take a screenshot

Send all three screenshots here for future investigation.