SweatCoin wont track steps at all


So i got into sweat coin a few days ago and it has never tracked steps, i turned on location and did the battery stuff but it wont track steps. I went as far as factory reseting my phone to fix it but it still didnt. All my friends got it and it works for them but why not me? I use a samsung galaxy note 8


Someone here mentioned installing an app called GPS Status. I have an android and for a while, not all steps were being counted. GPS Status helped this. Also, maybe uninstall, then reinstall. This might help.


There are several gps status can i get whatever one i find or a specific?


Mine worked for about a week and now not at all. I average about 8000 steps per day and the app counts them, but doesn’t ‘approve’ or convert them.


GPS Status & Toolbox


developer is EclipSim that is the one I have been using. Works for me and battery usage minimal.


It still is not working i even got the pro version…


How can i contact a dev?


Hey! We recently released an update for sweatcoin - please ensure that you’ve got the latest version and then restart your phone :slight_smile:


I restarted my phone and walked to my next class at school, havent tracked any steps yet.


It is still jot working, i enabled location and turned off battery optimize nothing is working


Do you have any idea why wont it work?


Trying not to rush you but, i need some help with this.


I’m having the same issue, my app no longer detects my runs I go out on…do on average 8 thousand steps but only detects half??


Today I’ve done 7516 steps, it’s only verified 3094 of them😡…I’m getting very frustrated with crappy app now!!!


Same here app does not convert steps, sometimes doesn’t even track them, I have noticed that the App appears to ignore all steps counted each day until you launch the app, after you launch it converts from then until you open the app again in the same day, but any non converted steps are discarded after midnight. If I launch the app several times a day, I can get all my steps counted, if I don’t, I get 0 even with 10,500 steps recorded.

Since the update the app no longer warns you if you force close the app by mistake as well.

I am getting fed up with how unreliable this app is and going to give up soon if something isn’t done. What was supposed to be motivating is now the complete opposite.


Have suspicions that this app is not compatible with your device.


My app was working fine until I went to Jamaica, now I have to switch my phone off and then on again to watch my daily videos too, otherwise it just shows me yesterday’s videos that I’ve already watched😡…this used to be a good app to use, now I’m just debating on getting rid of it


Hey everyone! We’ve just posted a new thread with lot’s of tips for step conversion! Check it out here:
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