Sweatcoins Currently Flawed Value


Check your math bud, AND the offer while you’re at it. 10 million Sweatcoins for 5,000 meals is 2,000 SWCs per meal. Which is around $10 per meal, MREs sell by the cents so I think they should start crowdfunding those so they can increase the quantity.


And the mangrove tree crowdfunding offer is 7,500,000 SWCs for 5,000 trees. Which is 1,500 per tree… I don’t understand how you are coming to these conclusions of millions of Sweatcoins per meal or tree


Even though I highly support the idea of a payback for every 1,000 SWC I doubt that this is feasible. It is not intended that everyone reaches 20,000 SWC for the marathon offer but many to give up just because otherwise it cannot be financed.

Imagine 40 USD for 1,000 SWC which can be reached within 2 month with regular jogging would mean 20 USD per month. For every 1 million active users that would be 250 Mio. USD per year - that’s way off the league a startup like sweatcoin is playing in. There are other apps in Germany which pay you 35 Euro - a year! - but not only for allowing insights into GPS data but into your whole smartphone live like websites and apps. No one can simply pay you 20 USD a month just for GPS data - Apple and Google have hundred millions of datasets with similar data generated by their users - nearly for free.

Therefore I believe you will only earn with sweatcoin if you show endurance and earn your offer over a 3 to 6 years time span.


@Hansi2019 exactly this


@monaug5, I’m just happy that I get paid at all for an everyday activity. And I don’t even care about the money, I run to accumulate all the health benefits. Being in good health is priceless! https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/walking-for-good-health


Whelp good for you. But for me the app currently is not paying to walk.



Unfortunately you only account for less than 5% of the people that use the app. Most people download it because of its monetary promises.


Which makes sense. Money is a powerful motivator, and I’m sure the app wouldn’t have even a tenth of its downloads if money was not an incentive. Lol